Construction in Ukraine increased by 5% in 2021
Residential construction increased by 16.8%, non-residential construction by 3.2%, and engineering construction by 3.1%
The construction output in Ukraine declined by 2.7% in November
The domestic construction output grew by only 0.3% to ₴198.8 billion in 11M
Residential construction output in Ukraine grew 29% in October
Monthly construction output in general fell 14.2%
Ukraine’s construction output in August grew 10%
Ukraine’s construction output in August grew 10%
Residential construction soared 28.1%, while non-residential and infrastructure construction rose 0.9% and 5.5% respectively
The growth of the construction industry in Ukraine has halted
Of all the industry’s segments, only residential construction showed positive dynamics in 7M
Volume of steel production in Ukraine may increase by 5.7% in 2021
Production will total 21.5–21.8 million tons provided that the capacity utilization rates remain at the levels recorded in December 2020–January 2021
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At the end of the year, quotations of steel rolled products may fall by 30% of their current levels
Ukraine cut steel production by 1.4% in 2020
Pig iron production increased by 1.5%, rolled products by 0.7%
Largest capital investments and investors in 2019
Equity capital of companies and organizations remains the main source of capital investment funding
Mining & metals companies increased capital investment by 37% ...
In 2020, investment of mining & metals companies may reduce by a third against last year
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Ukrainian exporters earned $1.86 billion on supplies of iron ore to China in January–June
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