Domestic prices for metals used in construction grew 3% on average ...
The highest increase last month was recorded in prices for channels and beams — 7.8% and 4.6% respectively
Domestic prices for metals used in the construction industry droppe...
Hot-rolled sheet demonstrated the biggest fall — minus 13.1% to ₴33 thousand/ton
Domestic scrap prices hit a six-month high
The scrap prices in the Ukrainian markets jumped by 9.1% to ₴9,600/ton over a week
Экспорт металлолома из Украины в январе-марте вырос в 5,7 раза (c)
Ukraine’s scrap exports grew by 5.7 times in Q1
Exports of the Ukrainian raw material have been reducing since 2018
Цены на пике. Ожидается пике
At their peak the prices arrive. What should we expect, subsequent ...
At the end of the year, quotations of steel rolled products may fall by 30% of their current levels
Prices for industrial products fell for three months in a row
In 2019, prices for industrial products dropped for the first time in the history of independent Ukraine
Risks 2020: what steelmakers expect from the coming year
GMK Center estimates the cost of next year’s risks for the mining & metals sector at $1.9 billion
Price review of the market of raw materials in the steel industry
Iron ore quotations will continue to decline in 2020. China plays a decisive role again
Falling sheet: price review of the flat products market
Prices for flat products in the global market showed a greater drop than prices for long products
Construction metal prices dropped by 10.5% over 10 months
The expectation of a drop in metal prices by market participants impedes the sales process
Prices for mining & metals products are falling, while prices ...
In the first ten months of the current year, only iron ore prices grew, and only due to the rise of the global prices. In October, the global prices fell too
Naftogaz raised gas prices for industrial companies by almost 20%
Ukraine’s mining & metals sector reduced gas consumption by 7% in September