The current prices on the European HRC market are not indicative

Buyers are testing the market to see if prices have bottomed out

The rise in iron ore prices in China is driven by market sentiment

The volume of iron ore imports this year will be lower than in 2021

Weak demand for steel in China has hit raw material prices

On October 31, the price of iron ore on the Dalyan Commodity Exchange fell to $83.4/t

Long steel suppliers in the EU seek to stabilize the market

Inventories are declining, and imports of these products to Europe have slowed down

The European hot-rolled coil market is not yet ready for recovery

Supply of Asian imports increased in the EU market in October

Rising prices for coking coal may reduce the steelmakers’ margins

Coking coal prices rose in August after a record fall in July, but forecasts for future quotations differ

Baosteel expects steel market to improve in September

The company has reduced prices for its flat products with delivery in August

Summer recession: why Ukraine’s steelmakers and miners reduce activities

Business cannot solve many new problems without authorities involvement

ArgusMedia: Euro/dollar parity may help hot-rolled steel prices stabilization

Euro and dollar exchange rates are nearly equal, which could help European flat steel prices reach bottom and stabilize

Global coal prices may increase

Coking coal prices, despite the fall, also have growth potential

How macroeconomics and COVID “won” the war

In June, steel prices made back to pre-war levels

In May, prices on steel bars, beams, corners and hot-rolled sheets fell

At the same time, the prices on profiled and round pipes in Ukraine did not change in May

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