How macroeconomics and COVID “won” the war
In June, steel prices made back to pre-war levels
In May, prices on steel bars, beams, corners and hot-rolled sheets ...
At the same time, the prices on profiled and round pipes in Ukraine did not change in May
GMK Center проанализировал ценовые ожидания ведущих экспертных организаций по поводу цен на железорудное сырье
In China, iron ore prices reached a 6-week high
The removal of coronavirus restrictions in Shanghai had effected the prices
Australia expects iron ore prices to fall to $100 by the end of 2022
Coking coal prices are expected to rise to $150 per ton due to lack of production investments
China iron ore prices is braced for easing COVID restrictions
The cost of raw materials fell by 1.13% in two weeks
Global scrap prices lose $3 for the second week in a row
Over the week April 4-11, scrap prices in Turkey fell to $650-651/t
India’s casters demand pig iron, iron ore export ban
Specific associations feel volatility of iron ore prices
China’s import losses to limit iron ore prices rise in Q2 (c)
China’s import losses to limit iron ore prices rise in Q2
In Q1 iron ore supply weakened in Brazil due to monsoon season, and after Russia's invasion of Ukraine
Commodities could soar 40%, JPMorgan forecasts
Raw materials prices could continue to rise if investors boost allocations
China iron ore prices rose by 9.3% in a week
Easening of COVID restrictions in Tangshan affected the prices
War in Ukraine: who benefits from sanctions, price rise, and materi...
Many major countries’ producers, and entire industries may benefit from the consequences of the Russian war against Ukraine
Global scrap prices remain at $655/t for the second week in a row
Price quotations are stable as buyers, and sellers don’t trade off on price revisions