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Market studies

Steelmakers respond to weak demand with productions cuts

Coal comes back to EU

Shortages on the grain market accelerate global inflation

Gas shortage in EU – problem without short-term solution

Long-term downtrend for iron ore prices

Policy papers

Ukrainian iron & steel industry needs unblocking of sea ports

Trade restrictions on the steel markets

Economic impact of iron&stell industry of Ukraine in 2019-2020

Ukrainian Iron & Steel Industry in Figures 2020

Industrial Policy and the Iron & Steel Sector: the World Experience for Ukraine


Iron & Steel Sector of Ukraine: Investments in the future

M&A in the steel industry 2020-2021

Flexibility as the “Must Have” for Steel Enterprises. The Case of Ukraine

Financial Health of Steel Industry 2020

The Iron&Steel Industry: Global Trends 2020


Assessment of the competitiveness of Ukrainian steel based on the CO2 emissions

Role of Steel Industry in Green Energy transition

Decarbonization of the steel industry: a challenge for the coming decades

The impact of CBAM on the steel industry of Ukraine

Assessed impact of the carbon border adjustment mechanism on Ukrainian exports