Unblocking sea ports for iron&steel products will ensure growth of foreign exchange earnings and stabilizat...
Summer recession: why Ukraine’s steelmakers and miners reduce activities
Business cannot solve many new problems without authorities involvement
The end of hopes: steel production in Ukraine to fall because of low prices
The war, problems with logistics and raw materials deliveries are strongly affect the steel production too
Wartime steel: how the metal market works during the war
In general, the situation in the metal trading market is cautiously optimistic
Steel support: how mining & metals companies help Ukraine during the war
Humanitarian aid to Ukrainian companies in the mining & metals complex has reached more than $87 million
Which Ukrainian iron & steel companies operate: April 7, 2022
More, and more industry enterprises, and related industries are back into production which was stopped due to the war
Which Ukrainian iron & steel companies continue to work (update)
Today the key problems are the safety of employees and production, as well as the logistics challenges
Ukrainian iron & steel companies: who continue to work
Kametstal, and most mining companies continue to operate
Sizable contribution — how much and in what mining & metals companies ar...
The mining & metals sector seeks to develop production of high value-added products
Mining & metals companies increased capital investment by 37% in 2019
In 2020, investment of mining & metals companies may reduce by a third against last year
Ukrainian steelmakers joined the fight against the coronavirus epidemic
Companies are taking action to prevent the spread of the virus and minimize its impact on production
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