Monthly losses of steel products export from Ukraine due to blocking of ports reach $420 million

October was the worst month for Ukrainian iron and steel products export in 2022

The critical situation can only be improved by opening access to seaports for cargoes from the iron and steel industry

Attacks on the energy infrastructure have complicated the work of the steel sector

Companies in the industry are working with reduced volumes and are implementing energy saving measures

State support for industry does not correspond to the scale of losses

In the conditions of war, the Ukrainian government is constantly expanding credit and grant programs, but their volumes are minimal

The Cabinet of Ministers expects UAH 5.41 billion in rent payments for iron ore mining in 2023

Despite the problems with export logistics and the closed mining and proccesing plants, the government has budgeted large rents from iron ore mining in the next year

Export intensification instead of import taxes

Unblocking sea ports for iron&steel products will ensure growth of foreign exchange earnings and stabilization of the exchange rate

Summer recession: why Ukraine’s steelmakers and miners reduce activities

Business cannot solve many new problems without authorities involvement

The end of hopes: steel production in Ukraine to fall because of low prices

The war, problems with logistics and raw materials deliveries are strongly affect the steel production too

Wartime steel: how the metal market works during the war

In general, the situation in the metal trading market is cautiously optimistic

Steel support: how mining & metals companies help Ukraine during the war

Humanitarian aid to Ukrainian companies in the mining & metals complex has reached more than $87 million

Which Ukrainian iron & steel companies operate: April 7, 2022

More, and more industry enterprises, and related industries are back into production which was stopped due to the war

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