Despite all the problems, industry enterprises are ready to restore production

How the export logistics of iron and steel companies has changed in 2022

Industry enterprises have rebuilt their logistics routes by directing exports to European seaports
Ukrainian titanium: the export of titanium ores from Ukraine decreased by 42% y/y in 2022

The situation on the market of Ukrainian titanium assets is unstable and attracts increased attention

Iron and steel exports fell more than the overall figure in 2022

All-Ukrainian exports last year decreased by 38% compared to 46-72% in iron and steel industry

Метінвест СМЦ
The steel consumption in Ukraine decreased by 55%: market review based on the results of 2022

The main decline in the consumption of steel products occurred in the construction sector
Iron and steel industry needs systemic support from the state

The authorities and the industry are trying to come to an understanding regarding the support of the iron and steel sector

Ukrainian steel sector needs the unblocking of Black Sea ports

Monthly losses of steel products export from Ukraine due to blocking of ports reach $420 million
October was the worst month for Ukrainian iron and steel products export in 2022

The critical situation can only be improved by opening access to seaports for cargoes from the iron and steel industry

Attacks on the energy infrastructure have complicated the work of the steel sector

Companies in the industry are working with reduced volumes and are implementing energy saving measures

State support for industry does not correspond to the scale of losses

In the conditions of war, the Ukrainian government is constantly expanding credit and grant programs, but their volumes are minimal

The Cabinet of Ministers expects UAH 5.41 billion in rent payments for iron ore mining in 2023

Despite the problems with export logistics and the closed mining and proccesing plants, the government has budgeted large rents from iron ore mining in the next year

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