Ferrexpo is one of the leaders of large Ukrainian business that demonstrates a comprehensive approach to issues of inclusivity and gender equality

Salaries in the iron and steel complex returned to the pre-war level

This year, companies in the industry are financially encouraging their employees in various ways

«Steel dream»: Ukrainian steelmakers are ready to help restore the country

Metinvest proposed the concept of rebuilding Ukraine

Metinvest Polytechnic is a completely new educational history

Despite the challenges of time, studies at the university continue with 440 students in the first set

Own front: how Ferrexpo helps Ukraine in war conditions

Since the start of the full-scale invasion, 5 million people in 8 regions have received aid through the company's Humanitarian Fund

Charity project Saving Lives: how steelmakers save the lives of Ukrainians affected by the war

At the beginning of the war, the humanitarian project "Saving Lives" appeared as a quick response to the challenges of the time

Iron and steel companies systematically support employment in wartime conditions

Although iron and steel sector has suffered more than other sectors, companies are trying to retain staff

Steel sustainable development: Ukrainian iron and steel industry systematically supports people and the country during the war

Humanitarian aid of Ukrainian iron and steel companies reached more than $100 million in six months

How mining & metals companies are struggling with a shortage of specialists

Mining and metallurgical companies rely on the formation of a personnel reserve starting from the training bench

Profitable place: salaries in the mining & metals industry increased by 11-17% over the past year

The level of salaries in the mining and metallurgical complex traditionally significantly exceeds the national average

Steel task: six best student architecture projects

The jury of the Steel Freedom Architecture Festival chose the best projects of a cultural and business center for Kyiv

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