Ferrexpo once again confirmed the title of climate leader — Financial Times

Ferrexpo systematically implements projects leading to increased energy efficiency

Law enforcement agencies are destroying the investment climate in the mining industry

Prosecutor's Office is claiming $4,31 billion in «damages» from alleged illegal mining at Ferrexpo

Ferrexpo studies pilot electrolysis plant installation

Hydrogen is considered as the key energy source for decarbonization of pelletizing production

Ferrexpo increased the production of pellets by 17.3% q/q in 3Q

During the third quarter, the company stockpiled pellets before the winter period to reduce risks

Poltava Mining completed the repair of production line №2

Investments in this production project amounted to about $2 million

Women in mining: how Ferrexpo strengthens the company’s gender diversity

Ferrexpo is one of the leaders of large Ukrainian business that demonstrates a comprehensive approach to issues of inclusivity and gender equality

In 1H 2023 Ferrexpo continues to maintain strong safety performance

Safe working conditions are supported by consistent investment and training of personnel

In 1H 2023 Ferrexpo invested $58 mln in Ukrainian operations

The Group continued to invest in development projects

Young and technological: 15 years of Ferrexpo Yeristovo Mining

Ferrexpo Yeristovo Mining in Poltava region is a fundamentally new enterprise built during the independence of Ukraine

Ferrexpo continues to implement initiatives from its own «The bank of ideas»

During the existence of the project, more than 1,100 employees submitted their proposals

Ferrexpo raised pellets output by 18% in 2Q

The Group has operated two pellet lines and intends to keep this utilization level for the remainder of the year

Salaries in the iron and steel complex returned to the pre-war level

This year, companies in the industry are financially encouraging their employees in various ways

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