After the resumption of energy supplies in February, the forecasts for the development of the Ukrainian economy for 2023 have improved

Large-scale privatization continues in Ukraine during the war: first results

In 2022, privatization brought UAH 1.7 billion to the state budget against a plan of UAH 8 billion

Ukrainian producers may suffer from large-scale imports with conditions

During the war, international partners impose loans on Ukraine subject to the purchase of imported goods
Ukraine may face deindustrialization after the war

It is necessary to fundamentally change the attitude of the state to industry and industrial policy

The government’s tax policy in 2022 did not live up to the hopes of business

The prospects for the implementation of the "10-10-10" tax reform remain unclear – some representatives of the authorities and the IMF oppose it

Almost half of the expenditures of the 2023 state budget are Western aid

The government expects next year GDP growth of 3.2% and inflation at the level of 28%
Marginal electricity prices may increase by 50% in October 2022

Ukrainian industrial companies emphasize that this may lead to production stoppages

Business negatively evaluates the new changes of the Cabinet of Ministers for subsoil users

The State Geology, on the contrary, believes that the changes will remove obstacles to the work of mining companies

Currency fall: the weakening of the hryvnia will help to revive exports

The NBU's decision to correct the exchange rate is due to the reluctance to burn foreign exchange reserves and increase emissions

Wartime estimates: How much Ukraine’s economy will down in 2022

The estimates of the reduction of Ukraine's GDP due to the war vary from 30% to 47%

Ukraine needs trade barriers removed to support its economy

Export opportunities are more important than macro-financial assistance or loans