Mining & metals companies increased capital investment by 37% ...
In 2020, investment of mining & metals companies may reduce by a third against last year
Poltava Mining is preparing a project to increase production to 24 ...
The Company is to launch a new technological complex for production of finished products worth $100 million
The peak price: high quotations play into the hands of mining compa...
Ukrainian exporters earned $1.86 billion on supplies of iron ore to China in January–June
Metinvest will focus on the development of product portfolio in 2020
The improvement in the product portfolio will depend to a growth in production at the Ilyich Works
Risks 2020: what steelmakers expect from the coming year
GMK Center estimates the cost of next year’s risks for the mining & metals sector at $1.9 billion
Steelmakers will reduce production by 36.5% in December 2019
In the last month of the current year, companies will produce 1.2 million tons of steel
Price review of the market of raw materials in the steel industry
Iron ore quotations will continue to decline in 2020. China plays a decisive role again
Falling sheet: price review of the flat products market
Prices for flat products in the global market showed a greater drop than prices for long products
Long products, low quotations: a review of the rebar market
Rebar prices stopped falling, though with no long-term prospects for demand improvement
The situation in Ukraine’s key export markets sharply deteriorated ...
The global market of metal products is likely to remain volatile next year
The Ministry of Economy is expecting a 7.8% import growth in 2020
Ukraine’s imports increased by 9.6% to $83.5 billion