The Ministry of Economy expects a drop in Ukraine’s GDP in Q1 and a...
The Ministry estimated a 4.2% decline in Ukraine’s GDP in 2020
Цены на пике. Ожидается пике
At their peak the prices arrive. What should we expect, subsequent ...
At the end of the year, quotations of steel rolled products may fall by 30% of their current levels
Largest capital investments and investors in 2019
Equity capital of companies and organizations remains the main source of capital investment funding
Slowly but surely: how soon the world will be decarbonized
There are currently no mature decarbonization technologies available for industrial use
Минэкономики прогнозирует рост ВВП Украины с 2021 по 2023 год на 26% (c)
The Ministry of Economy forecasts a 26% growth of Ukraine’s GDP in ...
Ministry clarified the national exchange rate
Why the steel industry needs blockchain
Blockchain is an immature technology. However, it offers some interesting possibilities that even steelmakers can benefit from
Mining & metals companies increased capital investment by 37% ...
In 2020, investment of mining & metals companies may reduce by a third against last year
Poltava Mining is preparing a project to increase production to 24 ...
The Company is to launch a new technological complex for production of finished products worth $100 million
The peak price: high quotations play into the hands of mining compa...
Ukrainian exporters earned $1.86 billion on supplies of iron ore to China in January–June
Metinvest will focus on the development of product portfolio in 2020
The improvement in the product portfolio will depend to a growth in production at the Ilyich Works
Risks 2020: what steelmakers expect from the coming year
GMK Center estimates the cost of next year’s risks for the mining & metals sector at $1.9 billion
Steelmakers will reduce production by 36.5% in December 2019
In the last month of the current year, companies will produce 1.2 million tons of steel