scrap metal consumption
Global scrap trade to decline by 15% by 2030 – BCG

Trade in raw materials will decrease as domestic consumption increases and exports decrease
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The low level of its use, in particular, is determined by electricity prices

Scrap collection in Ukraine will increase by only 15%: overview for 2024

In the conditions of post-war economic recovery, the role of scrap for the steel industry will inevitably increase
Global scrap consumption decreased by 5% in 2023

The use of this raw material in steel production fell slightly last year
Global scrap market in 2023: current trends

More and more countries recognize scrap as a strategic raw material and limit exports
Global scrap demand will reach 778 million tons in 2030 – forecast

Global consumption of scrap will grow, as will the demand for quality raw materials
European investment in the EAF continues to grow

Demand for scrap is expected to increase under such conditions

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The BDSV Public Relations and Public Affairs Officer – about the consumption and supply of scrap for the German steel industry

World scrap metal consumption in January-June 2022 fell by 8.4% y/y

The negative trend in demand for scrap is supported by the decline in global steel production