Sergiy Krut: «Due to interruptions in the electricity supply, the demand for steel fell by 65%»

The head of Metal Holding Trade – about the situation in the Ukrainian steel trade market

Richard Warren: «The UK Government must keep pace with other countries support for their steel sectors»

The Head of Policy & External Affairs at UK Steel trade association – about the priorities and challenges for the UK steel sector today

Roman Opimakh: «Since the beginning of the war, we have issued 61 special permits for minerals»

Head of the State Geology and Subsoil Service – about the current situation in the mining industry of Ukraine

Serhiy Bilenky: «Iron and steel industry is doing everything to preserve production and collectives»

The head of the Ukrainian Federation of Steelmakers – about the socio-economic situation at the enterprises of the industry

Dmytro Shevchik: «High quality products allow us to work even during a crisis»

The CEO of Metinvest Group’s Central Mining – about today's problems and challenges for Ukrainian iron and steel industry and how the Central Mining is coping with them

Borys Rybachuk: Despite the war, farmers continue to build

Deputy CEO for development of KMZ Industries about how the company was able to retain 70% of pre-war customers during the war

Volodymyr Kolos: Rudomine operates at the level of 50% of pre-war volumes

The company continues the implementation of the Dolynsk Mining project. In particular, project and research work is ongoing

Oleksandr Kalenkov: “Iron and steel industry suffered more from the war than other industries”

President of Ukrmetalurgprom – about the current situation in the industry and its prospects

Volodymyr Tkachenko: “Railways tariffs increase by 70% will stop the entire Ukrainian steel exports to the EU”

The head of ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih representative office spoke about enterprise's survival with current immerse export disruptions in Ukraine

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