Interpipe is concerned about the consequences of the introduction of the 80% electricity import rate

Such a decision of the government of Ukraine may lead to numerous negative consequences for the domestic industry as a whole
Interpipe presents a $1 billion green capacity expansion project

The company has plans to build the second phase of Interpipe Steel and a green flat steel production shop

Interpipe struggles with systemic staff shortage – Vitaly Pakhomov

Currently, the personnel shortage in the company is 12%, and in some areas – 25%
Investments in development: steel sector continues to invest during the war

Companies implement projects that are critical for production

Interpipe paid UAH 1.2 billion in taxes in Q1

Compared to the same period in 2023, the company's tax payments increased by 90%

Why Ukrainian businesses need to start the green transition now

Back in 2012, Interpipe built a modern electric arc furnace complex and reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 10 times

Interpipe is testing new routes to the EU – Oleksiy Yanovsky

The Ukrainian industrial company — an exporter of steel pipes and railway products — also hopes to restore full-fledged sea container transportation from Ukraine

Problems with energy supplies did not lead to lower production in steel industry

Due to the risks of new strikes on the energy infrastructure, no one can guarantee the stability of power supply

Challenges for Ukrainian iron and steel industry in 2024

Supporting export potential, staffing and ramping up production remain the main issues for Ukrainian steel sector

European sanctions against steel exports from Russia: status and prospects

Continued supplies from Russia create imbalances in the European market and damage local producers

Steel sector of Ukraine is hardest hit by the US trade restrictions

Lifting all trade restrictions is a prerequisite for the survival of the Ukrainian economy

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