UDP resumed navigation on the Middle Danube

Precipitation in the upper part of the Danube contributed to the restoration of working water levels in the entire section of the river

UDP and the Serbian HBIS Group are considering a significant increase in the transportation of heavy goods vehicles

At the end of 2022, the companies concluded a contract for the transportation of 500,000 tons of iron ore from Ukraine. UDP consistently fulfills its obligations

UDP handled a record volume of cargo since the beginning of the war In August

The shipping company transported 206 thousand tons of cargo in a month

UDP seeks to resume transportation of iron ore for the Austrian Voestalpine

For almost 20 years, the metallurgical plant in Linz was one of the main clients of the UDP, but in 2014 cooperation ceased

IFC will contribute to the modernization of Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company’s fleet

The relevant cooperation agreement was signed in London

Kiliya SSP has carried out major repairs of seven barges since the beginning of 2023

Shipbuilders used about 105-140 tons of steel to repair barges

Dmytro Moskalenko: «In 2022, UDP transported 500,000 tons of iron and steel products»

The head of Ukrainian Danube Shipping about the current situation with freight transportation in the Danube region

UDP significantly increased its net revenue in January-February 2023

The shipping industry announced the start of projects to modernize ships and tugboats

UDP is negotiating with IFC regarding the financing of river logistics projects

The IFC team considers the Danube as one of the important components of food security and economic integration of Ukraine with the EU

UDP will transport raw materials for the Serbian steel mill HBIS through the Danube

The company won the tender for the transportation of more than 500,000 tons of cargo for the steel plant

UDP sends two caravans with iron ore to Serbian ports

After a long break, the company successfully returned to the Middle Danube

UDP sent the first caravan with iron and steel cargoes to the Middle Danube

5 barges with sinter ore and pellets were sent from Izmail to the Serbian port of Smederevo

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