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Currently, this indicator is 23%

In 2024, the share of iron and steel products in the transportation structure of Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company (UDP) may increase from 23% to 50%. This was announced by Vladyslav Belakh, Deputy CEO of Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company, during a speech at the Reconstruct Ukraine forum in Romania.

«In 2022-2023, grain was the mainstay of the shipping company’s cargo traffic. However, the company has maintained its strategic position on the Middle Danube, anticipating that demand for grain transportation from Danube ports will decrease after the opening of the Greater Odesa ports,» he said.

In the last months of 2023, UDP began to gradually increase the number of barge caravans on the Middle Danube. In 2024, the Middle Danube will play a key role in UDP’s transportation, with agrarian products expected to take the place of iron and steel products.

«Today we are in the process of negotiating and contracting. Our advantages are a large fleet volume and comprehensive logistics solutions that allow us to reach an attractive freight rate. We offer a closed logistics chain that minimizes risks for the client. We are ready to partner with cargo owners and stevedoring companies,» Vladyslav Belakh adds.

Currently, the UDP successfully competes with foreign shipping companies thanks to the digitalization of the fleet management system, online monitoring of fuel consumption, and large-scale repairs.

«We are not afraid of competition, we know that we will always be able to offer better conditions,» the deputy general director of UDP concluded.

As GMK Center reported earlier, UDP and the Serbian steek company HBIS Group options for deepening cooperation are being considered and a significant increase in the volume of transportation of iron and steel products by the UDP fleet to Serbia. At the end of 2022, the companies signed a contract that provides for the transportation of 500,000 tons of munitions from Ukraine.