Danube ports

Ukraine to increase export capacity of Danube ports

Currently, the Danube ports process 3.3 million tons of cargo per month

Exports via the Ukrainian sea corridor reached 26 million tons

As of February 23, the ports of Great Odesa were waiting for 111 more ships

Ukraine plans new Danube export route amid Polish border blockade

The new additional route is designed to increase Ukrainian exports to the level that was at the beginning of the war

UDP seeks to increase transportation of iron and steel products

In the medium- and long-term perspective, the shipping industry aims to increase the transportation of heavy goods vehicles to 1.5 million tons per year

Danube ports handled a record 29 million tons of cargo in 2023

This is an increase of almost 6 times compared to the pre-war period

Ukrainian ports processed 52.8 million tons of cargo in 11 months

During this period, the seaports of the Danube region processed 29.4 million tons of cargo

Danube ports handled almost 30 million tons of cargo in 11 months

The Ministry of Infrastructure aims to increase the export capacity of the Danube ports to 4 million tons per month

Danube ports handled about 28 million tons of cargo in January-October

Compared to the same period in 2022, the growth was 45.6%

UDP and the Serbian HBIS Group are considering a significant increase in the transportation of heavy goods vehicles

At the end of 2022, the companies concluded a contract for the transportation of 500,000 tons of iron ore from Ukraine. UDP consistently fulfills its obligations

UDP handled a record volume of cargo since the beginning of the war In August

The shipping company transported 206 thousand tons of cargo in a month

UDP seeks to resume transportation of iron ore for the Austrian Voestalpine

For almost 20 years, the metallurgical plant in Linz was one of the main clients of the UDP, but in 2014 cooperation ceased

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