Danube ports

Ukraine will expand the water area of ​​sea ports on the Danube

Over the past six months, the cargo turnover of these ports has increased by more than 50 times

The Ukrainian Danube ports increased cargo turnover by 3.5 times y/y in January-September 2022

In 9 months, more than 11 million tons of cargo were transferred through the sea ports of the Danube region

Dredging work was completed by 90% in the port of Izmail

Dredging is also being carried out in parallel with other seaports located on the Danube

Danube ports received a record number of ships per day since the beginning of the war

On August 27, 11 vessels passed through the Bystre estuary and the Romanian Sulina canal in the direction of the Ukrainian Danube ports

USPA started dredging work in the Izmail port

The state company intends to start similar work in the port of Reni

Danube ports increased their cargo handling by 3.7 times in June

The state actively took up the development of railway infrastructure in the direction of the ports of Izmail and Reni

The bottleneck: why Danube ports cannot save Ukrainian exports

In recent years, the share of Danube ports in the total Ukraine’s freight shipment was 2.5-4.2%

Infrastructure Ministry to increase Danube ports capacities by 1.7 times

The ports on the Danube could handle about 25 million tons of cargo per year, if the project succeed

Romania to help ease ships congestion on Danube

The 100 ships congestion causes hundreds of thousands of dollars of daily losses for Ukrainian exporters

In April, Danube ports increased cargo handling by almost four times

During the month, the ports of Izmail, Reni and Ust-Dunaysky handled about 850,000 tons of export and import cargo

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