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Polish seaports sharply increased cargo handling in 2022-2023

Traditionally, growth due to transshipment of coal and liquid fuel. Ore and metals are not a priority for Polish ports
Polish port of Gdynia handled 8 thousand tons of iron ore in 2023

The raw material was probably transiting from Ukraine, as the port has not handled iron ore cargoes since 2017 until 2022

Over 20 million tons of cargo were exported via the Ukrainian sea corridor

In January 2024, 6.3 million tons of products were exported from the ports of Greater Odessa

Сargo transshipment in Ukrainian ports increased by 5% y/y in 2023

5.9% of the total cargo turnover was the transshipment of iron ore – 1.9 million tons
EU provides €126 million to expand Romanian ports for Ukrainian cargo

Romanian companies will use EU money to build additional capacities in ports for storage and transshipment of Ukrainian exports
Turkiye, Bulgaria and Romania signed an agreement on demining the Black Sea

The initiative aims to make shipping safer, in particular for ships transporting goods from Ukraine
Szczecin-Świnoujście port reduced iron ore transshipment by 46.1% y/y in 2023

In December, the port complex has reduced the processing of iron ore by 29%
Danube ports handled a record 29 million tons of cargo in 2023

This is an increase of almost 6 times compared to the pre-war period
About 15 million tons of cargo exported through the sea corridor in 5 months

Of these, 10 million tons are agricultural products, another 5 million tons are other cargoes, including iron and steel

10 million tons of goods were exported through the Ukrainian sea corridor

302 vessels exported the products of Ukrainian companies to 24 countries of the world
Liepaja Port reduced iron ore transshipment by 36.9% y/y in January-October

In 10 months, port officials reduced iron and steel cargo transshipment by 67% y/y
Ukrainian ports processed 52.8 million tons of cargo in 11 months

During this period, the seaports of the Danube region processed 29.4 million tons of cargo

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