The Ukrainian exports in September 2022 increased by 32% m/m

In monetary terms, the volume of Ukrainian exports increased in September by more than 23% compared to August

Ukraine has completely banned the export of goods to the Russian Federation

The government made this decision at a meeting on September 27, 2022

Kazakhstan to extend the ban on scrap exports

The ban on the scrap metal export is expected to be extended for another 6 months in order to meet domestic demand

Turkey, China and EU increased iron & steel import from Russia in 1H 2022

The most demanded Russian products are pig iron and steel semi-finished products

Deficit of trade in goods decreased to $111 million for the first half of September 2022

During the first half of the month, Ukraine exported products worth $1.18 billion, and imported – $1.93 billion

Exports of long products from Ukraine decreased 67.3% y/y over 8 months 2022

Due to the blockade of Ukrainian sea ports, the EU remains the main export destination

Coking coal exports from Australia to India fell to a two-year low in August 2022

In July-August 2022, Indian steelmakers actively ordered cheap coke from China and Indonesia. It reduced the demand for coking coal

Pipe companies of Ukraine exported 26,000 tons of products in August 2022

In January-August 2022, the export of pipes amounted to 257.6 thousand tons

Ukraine exported 29,000 tons of titanium ores in August 2022

In January-August 2022, mining companies shipped 219.8 thousand tons of titanium ores across the border

Ukraine exported 87.6 thousand tons of steel semi-finished products in August 2022

Export of slabs and billets in August 2022 increased by 17.8% m/m, and decreased by 85.1% year-on-year

Ukraine exported 16.9 thousand tons of ferroalloys in August 2022

Ferroalloy enterprises have problems with the shipment of finished products, as well as the provision of consumables for production