Ukraine is ready to export up to 1.5 million tons of additional pig iron to the EU market

Ukrainian suppliers are ready to replace the products of Russian producers on the EU market in case of sanctions on pig iron and steel from the Russian Federation

Ukraine will facilitate exporters’ access to the Black Sea Corridor

For this purpose, together with a pool of British insurance companies, a special mechanism has been created

Ukrainian pipe producers reduced product exports by 13.1% m/m in October

The revenue of Ukrainian pipe exporters for the month fell by 14.6% m/m

Ukrainian increased long rolled products export by 3.4% m/m in October

In monetary terms, the export of such products for the month increased by 4.1% m/m

Seaports of Ukraine processed more than 46 million tons of cargo in January-October

This happened despite the withdrawal of the Russian Federation from the Grain Agreement on July 17 and the efforts of the aggressor country to block sea transportation

Black sea export corridor has become less secure

A quick compensation of nearly $550 million from the insurance fund will partially improve the situation

China increased exports of steel products by 34.8% y/y in January-October

In October, Chinese steel companies shipped 1.5% less steel abroad than in September

EU reduced the export of steel products by 5% y/y in January-August

Shipments of rolled steel to third countries decreased by 6% y/y

Pipe producers of Ukraine increased product exports by 23% m/m in September

The revenue of Ukrainian pipe exporters for the month increased by 10.6% m/m

Implementation of CBAM will affect only a part of US exports to the EU

The mechanism could help US companies bypass Chinese competitors in the European market

Ukraine increased its export of pig iron by 4.5 times m/m in September

During the month, Ukrainian steel companies shipped 125.9 thousand tons of pig iron to foreign consumers

Ukrainian steel industry reduced iron ore exports by 6% m/m in September

In January-September, mining companies of Ukraine reduced their shipments of ferrous metals to foreign consumers by 40.8% y/y

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