Ukraine’s ore export revenues rose by a factor of 2.2 in August
In physical terms, iron ore exports remained at the previous year’s level
Ukraine’s iron ore export revenues jumped by a factor of 2.17 in 8M
Iron ore exports boosted by 130.58% over a month
Production of coated coil increased by 32% in Q2
Production of zinc-coated steel products increased by 42%
Scrap collection in Ukraine grew 42% in 7M
Exports of raw materials hiked by a factor of 19.4
Ukraine increased pipes exports by 39% in July
In H1, exports grew 17.4%
Ukraine increased revenues from exports of semi-finished products b...
In physical terms, shipments of semi-finished products, by contrast, dropped by 19.7%
Ukraine’s revenues from pig iron exports jumped 2.3 times in July
In physical terms, exports rose by 3.4%
Ukraine’s ore export revenues jumped 2.4 times in July
In physical terms, however, iron ore exports fell 6.3% in M7
Ukraine’s revenues from exports of scrap jumped 27-fold in 7M
In July, scrap export revenues amounted to $39.9 million
Ukraine’s revenues from exports of metals jumped 67% in 7M
In July, revenues from exports of ferrous metals amounted to $1.4 billion
Scrap collection in Ukraine increased by 41.3% in H1 2021
Scrap exports rocketed by 1,275%