Ukraine exported 523.8 thousand tons of long rolled products in 2023

Shipments of products abroad decreased by 31.4% y/y

Ukraine exported 344.2 thousand tons of ferroalloys in 2023

Most of the exports were directed to Poland

How the Ukrainian steel industry passed the test of strength in 2023

Despite all the difficulties, production of crude steel and steel finished products remain stable

Ukraine increased exports by sea transport by 30.7% m/m in December

In this period, the volume of exports by sea amounted to 7.34 million tons

Germany reduced imports of rolled steel from third countries by 51% y/y in October

The export of steel products for the month fell by 3.1% y/y

Belgium increased the import of rolled steel from third countries by 15% y/y in October

The export of steel products for the month fell by 6.3% y/y

The foreign trade deficit in Ukraine decreased by 30% m/m in November

Imports for the month decreased by 10.1% m/m, and exports increased by 10% m/m

Ukrainian pipe companies reduced product exports by 6.7% y/y in November

The revenue of Ukrainian pipe exporters for the month fell by 27.7% y/y

Great Britain announced the creation of a naval coalition to help Ukraine

Among the tasks of the coalition is ensuring the safety of civil shipping and the operation of the Ukrainian corridor

Shipowners are ready to take a reasonable risk of using the export corridor

However, at the moment, it is actually impossible to assess the effectiveness of the mechanism of the insurance fund, which was introduced by the Cabinet of Ministers in the summer

Ukraine and Poland held the first meeting of transport industry representatives

The parties discussed possible compromises and agreed on the need for further rounds of consultations

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