Ukrainian businesses to lose up to €400 million annually due to CBA...
Exports of Ukraine-made metal products to the EU could decline by 9%
The Cabinet approves a 35% target for cutting CO2 emissions by 2030
The Government plans to cut greenhouse gas emissions through decarbonization and development of RES
Треть украинского экспорта в ЕС может попасть под действие CBAM (c)
CBAM might apply to one third of Ukraine’s exports to the EU
Once introduced, CBAM will increase the fiscal burden of Ukrainian producers of electricity, fertilizers and metal products
Environmental modernization of Ukraine’s steel industry is a long j...
СВАМ will deprive Ukraine of competitive advantages, i.e. access to iron ore
The Cabinet of Ministers creates a working group to forge Ukraine’s...
Olga Stefanyshyna, Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration of Ukraine, will be appointed as the Chairperson of the Working Group