CBAM is a real challenge for the European steel industry

Ukrainian exporters to the EU should keep abreast of the future details of CBAM implementation as the mechanism is still being developed
India is cooperating with the EU on CBAM implementation

The country is taking steps to reduce carbon emissions in industry
The European Parliament approved the CBAM and the reform of the emissions trading system

CBAM will apply from October 1, 2023, with a transitional period
UK Steel supported consultations on the UK CBAM

Costs of British steel producers on carbon emissions in 2022 amounted to approximately $148 million
European CBAM will accelerate decarbonization in China

China's national ETS currently only covers the energy sector
US steel producers do not express concern about CBAM

At the same time, analysts believe that decarbonization efforts should be global
Inconsistency in EU and US approaches will affect global climate efforts

The EU reached a preliminary agreement on CBAM in December 2022

Adolfo Aiello: CBAM should motivate non-EU steel producers to decarbonise

EUROFER Deputy Director General Climate and Energy about the deal on the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism and review the Emissions Trading System in EU
The US is concerned about the EU’s cross-border carbon tariff

American lawmakers believe that the introduction of CBAM could become problematic for the United States

A strong industrial base should be a strategic priority for the EU — EUROFER

The association calls on EU politicians to find a solution for exports within the framework of CBAM
The EU is introducing a border tariff on carbon emissions

The tariff will apply to imports of iron, steel and aluminum

Carbon tax will cost for European steel importers €2 billion/year – BCG

By 2032, the cost of iron and steel imported into the EU from the US and the UK could increase by 6%

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