Carbon tax will cost for European steel importers €2 billion/year – BCG

By 2032, the cost of iron and steel imported into the EU from the US and the UK could increase by 6%

Ukraine to discuss some rules on CBAM participation with EU

Ukrainian businesses expect exporters to pay more than €1bn in carbon taxes

European Parliament has supported the implementation of CBAM and ETS

Parliament is ready to start negotiations with the EU government on the final text of the laws

Protectionism turns “green”: here is how

CBAM was just the beginning of a new trend

European Parliament has directed CBAM and ETS bills for revision

340 PMs voted against the amendments to the bills, 265 voted in favor and 34 abstained

EUROFER calls on the European Parliament to review ETS and CBAM

According to EUROFER, EU Emissions Trading and Cross-border Carbon Tax Proposals derail green transition

Ukrainian exporters to pay more than €1 billion to the EU under the CBAM

The updated CBAM version has stricter requirements compared to the one published by the European Commission last July

Ukrainian businesses to lose up to €400 million annually due to CBAM, KSE says

Exports of Ukraine-made metal products to the EU could decline by 9%

The Cabinet approves a 35% target for cutting CO2 emissions by 2030

The Government plans to cut greenhouse gas emissions through decarbonization and development of RES

Треть украинского экспорта в ЕС может попасть под действие CBAM (c)
CBAM might apply to one third of Ukraine’s exports to the EU

Once introduced, CBAM will increase the fiscal burden of Ukrainian producers of electricity, fertilizers and metal products

Environmental modernization of Ukraine’s steel industry is a long journey

СВАМ will deprive Ukraine of competitive advantages, i.e. access to iron ore

The Cabinet of Ministers creates a working group to forge Ukraine’s position on CBAM

Olga Stefanyshyna, Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration of Ukraine, will be appointed as the Chairperson of the Working Group

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