Бес правил: протекционизм превратил торговлю в войну всех против всех
The Ukrainian market remains quite open, and the mechanism of its protection is very weak
The peak price: high quotations play into the hands of mining companies
Ukrainian exporters earned $1.86 billion on supplies of iron ore to China in January–June
The misfortune came: the impact of the coronavirus on the steel industry
Steelmakers expect a drop in demand by over 50% in the next two quarters
Long products, low quotations: a review of the rebar market
Rebar prices stopped falling, though with no long-term prospects for demand improvement
Two Ukrainian steel companies were left out of the game
The suspension of the two companies will reduce export revenue of the sector by USD 200–250 million
High iron ore prices boost exports of raw materials and rolled steel
Ukrainian vertically integrated companies have managed to benefit from the rising ore prices
Russia introduces quotas for scrap exports: how will it affect Ukraine?
In 2018, scrap imports amounted only to 1.3% of consumption of this raw material by Ukrainian steel companies.
Lower quotas, less steel: the EU steelmakers want tighter quotas
The abolition of a 5-percent annual quota increase will make it more difficult for Ukrainian steelmakers to market their products in the EU.