More and more countries recognize scrap as a strategic raw material and limit exports
Winter electricity prices in Europe may be significantly lower than last year

In October 2023, the cost of electricity in Germany fell by more than 13%, in Italy it increased by 16% compared to September
EU market expects a rise in HRS prices in November-December

This will be facilitated by a limited supply amid capacity reductions by some producers
China’s overcapacity problem returns

There will most likely no longer be an order from the Chinese authorities to reduce production, but steel mills are voluntarily reducing output
One step away from recession: Europe shows minimal economic growth

One step away from recession: Europe shows minimal economic growth According to the consensus forecast, the eurozone economy is expected to grow at 0.2% and 0.3% Q/Q in Q1 and Q2 respectively
How sanctions affect the import of Russian steel products to the EU

European producers continue to buy products from the Russian steel industry, since the current sanctions do not ban imports completely
Players of the European HRC market are worried about the future influx of imports

Quotas for the IV quarter are likely to be filled in early October, which will affect prices in the EU

Maritime blockade: prospects for Ukrainian exports through Polish ports

A year and a half of war has not changed anything in the readiness of Polish ports for Ukrainian exports, the prospects for the growth of port shipments remain vague

Real European integration: how Ukrainian business invests in the EU

Opening own production in one of the EU countries is the right step to ensure access to the European market
Ukraine partially replaced flat products from the Russian Federation in the European market

The war changed the structure of suppliers in the EU flat steel market – Asian companies were able to increase sales

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