An increase in Chinese exports leads to losses in local markets and, as a result, to an increase in the number of trade restrictions
Electricity prices in Europe increased in May in most countries

In particular, electricity cost was affected by the increase in the price of gas and carbon emissions
Global scrap prices mostly stabilized in May

The offer is kept at a high level

Bulgaria: a large market for Ukrainian semi-finished products

Bulgaria is a large market for only a few types of export products of the Ukrainian agro-industrial complex and steel industry
Electricity prices in Europe fell significantly in April thanks to renewable energy

In April, gas injection into European gas storage facilities slowed down

Ukraine – Italy: analytical trade review

Italy remains a stable partner and market for products of the Ukrainian agro-industrial complex and iron and steel industry

Germany is losing its status as the engine of the EU economy

High lending rates and weak demand are dragging down the EU's largest economy

Ukraine – Hungary: economy prioritized over politics

Under the conditions of the war, Hungary became a major market for Ukrainian agricultural products and a transit country for exports

Ukraine – Czech Republic: trade between the countries during the war

The Czech Republic supplies Ukraine with military goods and cars, but receives ore, cable and agro-products

Ukraine – Slovakia: what trade between the countries looks like

Since the start of the war, Slovakia has supported Ukraine by increasing its iron ore consumption
European electricity markets will have high supply in Q2

The likely increase in demand in April-June is forecast to be insignificant

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