Ukrainian exporters to the EU should keep abreast of the future details of CBAM implementation as the mechanism is still being developed

How sanctions affected the Russian steel market

In 2022, steel production in the Russian Federation decreased by 7.2%, and steel consumption – by 5%
EU steel market is under pressure of limited supplies

Problems of local steel plants hinder finding balance between demand and supply

China can support the development of global steel industry in 2023

China wants to achieve economic growth by 5% in 2023, which will increase demand for steel and can support the steel sector in the world

Europe has overcome the most difficult phase of the energy crisis: what are the expectations for 2023

At the beginning of the year, analysts improved forecasts for the growth of the Eurozone economy to 0.6-0.9% in 2023
Electricity prices in Europe fell significantly in January 2023

Governments and companies are still forced to act in the face of energy price volatility
European steelmakers cut steel production by 10.5% in 2022

All major steel producers in the European Union showed a significant drop in smelting
How Western sanctions affect Russian steel trade

The European market remained open for raw materials from the Russian Federation, the USA introduced minimal bans
European HRC producers are aiming for further price increases

The trends in the Chinese HRC market will be determined after the holiday period

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What will be the dynamics of the world economy in 2023

Analysts expect that in 2023 the economies of Asian countries will grow, while the USA and the Eurozone are threatened with recession
Ukrainian iron and steel sector activity: results for 11 months of 2022

Ukrainian iron and steel industry is significantly affected by problems with electricity supply and disruptions in logistics

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