rebar prices
Global rebar prices are falling amid negative market sentiment

Turkish rebar remain competitive in foreign markets

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Global rebar prices are falling due to weak market sentiment

China is reinforcing this trend by trying to expand exports at reduced prices
France’s construction sector is experiencing a slowdown

Both prices and sales volumes are decreasing on the rebar market
World rebar prices are adjusting after the earthquake in Turkiye

In most world markets, except for the European one, prices for rebar are increasing at the beginning of March 2023
Turkiye agreed on a mechanism to control steel prices for reconstruction

5 million tons of steel will be needed to rebuild the regions affected by the earthquake
Steel prices are stabilizing in Turkiye for post-earthquake reconstruction

Producers of long rolled steel have stopped accepting orders for rebar from traders
The global rebar market in January 2023 was marked by a slowdown

European producers have not managed to increase prices, and the Asian market is defined with trends
Global rebar prices rise amid renewed demand

Rebar quotations in Turkiye rose by 2.1% in early January, and in China – by 1.4%
The first quarter of 2023 may become the worst for the rolled steel market – IREPAS

The increase in the cost of raw materials, high energy prices and a decrease in business activity will have a negative impact on the steel market

Prices on the world rebar market remain unstable

European producers are trying to push the market, and export prices have increased in Turkiye
The demand for rebar on the world market remains unstable

Italian producers raise prices, and Turkish producers are forced to lower quotations
Global rebar prices are falling amid low demand in the construction sector

Quotations of rebar in Turkiye last week fell by 3.6%, in Italy – by 5.5%, in China – by 2.6%

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