ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih

There is no need to gear rent payments in Kryvyi Rih to prices in C...
The use of indicative prices for taxation is not a fair and economically sound approach
«АрселорМиттал» в январе-апреле сократил выпуск проката на 3,3%
AMKR cut production of rolled products by 3.3% in 4M
Conversely, production of steel and pig iron dropped over the year
«АрселорМиттал» инвестирует $1 млрд в экомодернизацию до 2032 года (c)
ArcelorMittal and the Ministry of Economy signed an investment memo...
The Company plans to invest $1 billion in environmental modernization and production development under a Steel Billion program
«АрселорМиттал» в январе сократил выпуск на 14%
AMKR decreased production of rolled products by 14% in January
Steel production fell, while pig iron production rose
«АрселорМиттал» в 2020 году сократил инвестиции в охрану труда на 24,4%
ArcelorMittal cut occupational safety investment by 24.4% in 2020
Over the year, 34 accidents resulting in days away from work were registered
Поставки лома на метпредприятия в январе выросли на 53,7%
Scrap supplies to steelmakers increased by 53.7% in January
As of the end of January, steelmakers’ scrap stocks amounted to 170–175 thousand tons
«АрселорМиттал» в 2020 году сократил выпуск проката на 7,6%
ArcelorMittal cut production of rolled products by 7.6% in 2020
Production of steel and pig iron went down as well
«АрселорМиттал» в январе-ноябре сократил выпуск проката на 3,7%
AMKR decreased production of rolled products by 3.7% in 11M
Production of steel and pig iron also went down
«АрселорМиттал» досрочно выполнил годовой план по выпуску концентрата
ArcelorMittal fulfills its annual concentrate production plan ahead...
The Company produced 10 million tons of concentrate as of 10 December
АМКР инвестирует $250 млн в строительство новой фабрики окомкования (c)
AMKR to invest $250 million in a new pelletizing plant by 2023
The Company is to cut total CO2 emissions by 800 thousand tons per annum
АМКР закрывает мартеновское производство с марта (c)
AMKR to shut down the open-hearth furnace shop in March
The company is going to focus on BOF steelmaking