Ukraine’s mining & metals sector

Sizable contribution — how much and in what mining & metals co...
The mining & metals sector seeks to develop production of high value-added products
Our strategy is to increase the share of high value-added products
Today, Interpipe can cope with virtually any grade of steel according to our clients’ needs
The future focus of investments in the mining & metals sector
A comprehensive policy is important to reduce dependence on market factors, ensure sustainability and investments
Ukraine increased revenues from exports of semi-finished products b...
In physical terms, shipments of this category of products, by contrast, dropped by 26.5%
Salaries in the iron and steel segment fell 3.3% in June
In general, average salaries in the mining & metals sector of Ukraine increased for most positions
Ukraine’s revenues from exports of metals jumped 67% in 7M
In July, revenues from exports of ferrous metals amounted to $1.4 billion
Минэкономики ожидает роста производства стали в Украине в 2021 году на 5%
The Ministry of Economy expects a 5% increase in Ukraine’s steel pr...
Production of rolled products and pig iron will grow by 5% as well
Зарплаты в ГМК Украины в апреле снизились по большинству позиций
Salaries in the mining & metals sector decreased in most segments
Incomes of employees grew only at pipe companies
Капинвестиции в металлургии в первом квартале сократились на 25,8%
Capital investment in the steel industry dropped by 26% in Q1
Steelmakers invested ₴3.4 billion in production development in Q1
Украинские металлурги в апреле нарастили выпуск проката на 27,3%
Ukrainian steelmakers ramped up production of rolled products by 27...
Production of steel and pig iron went up as well
Украина в апреле сократила экспорт чугуна на 21,1%
Ukraine’s pig iron exports fell by 21% in April
Export revenues, on the other hand, increased by 37% over the month