The annual pipe consumption in the domestic oil & gas industry is estimated at around 100–130 thousand tons
Two Ukrainian steel companies were left out of the game
The suspension of the two companies will reduce export revenue of the sector by USD 200–250 million
Domestic steel: Ukrainian steel consumption in H1 2019
The domestic steel market shrank in the first half of the current year: hoping to recover in 2020
Income from waste: Ukraine can double slag processing and exports
Manufacturers of construction materials and road surfaces can increase metallurgical waste consumption
What Ukrainian shipbuilders produced in 6 months
In H1 2019, the shipbuilding market leaders launched eight multi-purpose watercrafts
High iron ore prices boost exports of raw materials and rolled steel
Ukrainian vertically integrated companies have managed to benefit from the rising ore prices
Ore path: steelmakers switched iron ore exports from Asia to Europe
Ukrainian iron ore exporters prefer lucrative European markets with short haul transportation
Weight of 1 square meter: how much and which steel is used in non-residential...
Over 100 thousand tons of steel structures per annum is used in non-residential construction.
How much limestone is produced and imported in Ukraine
This year, limestone imports will keep growing, while the share of domestically produced limestone will decrease.
Russia introduces quotas for scrap exports: how will it affect Ukraine?
In 2018, scrap imports amounted only to 1.3% of consumption of this raw material by Ukrainian steel companies.
Steel industry contribution to the Ukrainian economy
In 2019, steel production in Ukraine will outstrip economic growth in real terms