The new reality has learned Ukrainian mining & metals industry to be flexible and make quick market decisions
Wartime steel: how the metal market works during the war
In general, the situation in the metal trading market is cautiously optimistic
European steelmakers concern about potential gas shortages
High energy prices have already caused steel and its production prices growth in the region
The war in Ukraine will not stop global decarbonisation: scrap issue
Scrap is still the most important material for reducing emissions in steel industry
India’s introduction of export tariffs could hit the local steel market
Having weak domestic demand, Indian steel companies want to increase metal products exports to Europe
Wartime logistics: problems of Ukrainian exports remain unresolved
Ports blockade leads to systemic and long-term problems for Ukrainian goods exports
Steel support: how mining & metals companies help Ukraine during the war
Humanitarian aid to Ukrainian companies in the mining & metals complex has reached more than $87 million
Trade restrictions abolition is the first step to Ukraine’s post-war re...
Liberalization of international trade will give mutual benefits to both sides
Ukraine needs trade barriers removed to support its economy
Export opportunities are more important than macro-financial assistance or loans
Security measures of Western markets after all showed their vulnerability
World steel industry is a leader in protectionism among industries
Global pig iron supply not expected to improve
Global pig iron supply not expected to improve
Brazil couldn`t replace supply drop from Ukraine
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