Steel industry contribution to the Ukrainian economy

In 2019, steel production in Ukraine will outstrip economic growth in real terms

Lower quotas, less steel: the EU steelmakers want tighter quotas
The abolition of a 5-percent annual quota increase will make it more difficult for Ukrainian steelmakers to market their products in the EU.
What will the rise in railway rates cost to the steel industry?
Starting from 1 April, Ukrainian steelmakers will pay much more for cargo transportation
How much metal is used in residential construction
Rebar is the main steel product used in residential construction
The mining & metals sector returns to the pre-crisis pace of modernization
Capital investment in the sector increased by 42% in 2018
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Последствия аварии на хвостохранилище Vale.
The first quarter: a record rise in the iron ore price and stability of the d...
Despite a raw material price hike around the globe, the cost of steel products in Ukraine remained almost the same in the first quarter
The key question: what does the ban on the supply of coking coals mean?
The domestic market may face a significant deficit of raw materials for coke production