The mining & metals sector seeks to develop production of high value-added products
Long way in a short time
Metinvest Group contribution to the socioeconomic development of Ukraine
Бес правил: протекционизм превратил торговлю в войну всех против всех
No rules: protectionism is turning trade into an all-out war
The Ukrainian market remains quite open, and the mechanism of its protection is very weak
Black Jack: the story of a new iron ore deposit in Ukraine
Of how Canadian Black Iron was looking for partners and money for its new project in Kryvyi Rih
Mining & metals companies increased capital investment by 37% in 2019
In 2020, investment of mining & metals companies may reduce by a third against last year
The peak price: high quotations play into the hands of mining companies
Ukrainian exporters earned $1.86 billion on supplies of iron ore to China in January–June
Ukrainian steelmakers joined the fight against the coronavirus epidemic
Companies are taking action to prevent the spread of the virus and minimize its impact on production
The misfortune came: the impact of the coronavirus on the steel industry
Steelmakers expect a drop in demand by over 50% in the next two quarters
The recession and revaluation inflicted losses on steelmakers
The mining & metals sector of Ukraine will be loss-making in 2019 in terms of key indicators
Risks 2020: what steelmakers expect from the coming year
GMK Center estimates the cost of next year’s risks for the mining & metals sector at $1.9 billion
Price review of the market of raw materials in the steel industry
Iron ore quotations will continue to decline in 2020. China plays a decisive role again
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