steel export
China increased steel exports by 55% y/y in January-April

Complicated international factors and weak domestic demand keep Chinese steel exports high
Steel exports from Spain decreased by 14% y/y in 2022

Due to rising energy costs, steel shipments from Spain fell to the level of pandemic 2020

Ukrainian steelmakers reduced the export of long rolled products by 17.5% m/m in April

In monetary terms, the export of such products decreased by 13.5% m/m for the month
India increased its steel exports to a 13-month high in April

In one month, Indian steelmakers shipped 855,000 tons of steel for export
The European Union reduced steel exports by 14% y/y in 2022

Shipments of flat rolled products from the EU decreased by 10% y/y, and of long products – by 22% y/y
India is cooperating with the EU on CBAM implementation

The country is taking steps to reduce carbon emissions in industry
Ukrainian steelmakers increased the export of long rolled products by 46.2% m/m in March

In monetary terms, the export of such products increased by 53.9% m/m
Steel exports from India in 2022/2023 financial year fell to five-year low

Export volumes of rolled products decreased by 50.2% y/y
Japan bans steel exports to the Russian Federation

The ban will come into effect on April 7, 2023
India is not considering reimposing export duties on steel

The profile ministry monitors the prices of steel and raw materials
China increased the export of rolled products by 49% y/y in January-February 2023

The import of rolled steel fell by 44.2% in the first two months

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