How ArcelorMittal is losing its leading position in the global steel market

In 2022, the company took second place in the ranking of global steel producers. In 2023, Chinese companies are likely to displace ArcelorMittal into third place

The volume of completed construction works in Ukraine increased by 18.4% in the first half of 2023

The growth of the industry is connected with the restoration of various engineering facilities

Industrial production in Ukraine decreased by 2.9% y/y in the first half of 2023

Since March 2023, industrial production has shown growth in annual terms

For 8 months 2023 European governments have announced €8.7 bln for decarbonization of the steel sector

47.6% of total funds (€4.1 bln) may be allocated to ArcelorMittal plants

Export railway transportation increased by 22.6% y/y in the first half of 2023

Almost 40% of railway exports are cargoes of iron and steel companies

Ukraine increased the import of flat products in 2023 by 2.4 times

The need to import flat products is directly related to the destruction of two plants in Mariupol, which were occupied

Industrial production in Ukraine decreased by 37% in 2022

The output of products at iron and steel enterprises suffered the most

The volume of construction in Ukraine in 2022 fell by 65%

Last year, the volume of construction of engineering structures decreased the most – by 67.1% y/y
Ferrexpo raised the share of DR-pellets in output to 6%

Ferrexpo facilities are flexible for producing BF-pellets or DR-pellets

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