In 2021 iron & steel sector generated one third of Ukraine’s exports
Ukrainian iron & steel companies also invested $2.0 bln in 2021
The EU and the US are the most active participants in protectionism
Ukraine lost more than 1 mln tons of annual steel export because of trade restrictions in EU...
Protectionism caused losses for Ukrainian steel industry
Trade barriers against steel products cost 2% of Ukrainian GDP
Ukraine’s mining & metals companies are about to complete modernizatio...
Average annual capital investment in the mining & metals sector has reached $2 billion in 20...
Largest capital investments and investors in 2019
Equity capital of companies and organizations remains the main source of capital investment ...
The metal sector outspends other industries on environmental costs
Environmental costs in the mining & metals sector grew by 22% in 2019
Mining & metals companies generate every eighth hryvnia of Ukraine’s GDP
One steel worker in Ukraine creates 2.2 jobs in related industries
The global scrap market may shrink this year
The margin of electric arc steelmaking companies is at the minimum.
Consumers and shipment volumes of Ukrainian iron ore
China remains the key importer of Ukrainian raw materials
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