steel production

Украина сохранила 12 место в глобальном рейтинге выпуска стали (c) Carbon Brief
Ukraine retained its 12th position in the ranking of the world’s la...
Ukraine ranks 10th among the largest pig iron producers in the world
Украинский ГМК в январе-октябре сократил выпуск стали на 5,3% (c) PES Media
Ukraine’s mining & metals sector cut steel production by 5.3%
Production of pig iron and rolled products dropped in 10M
В Китае 9 компаний будут контролировать 75% производства стали - SteelHome (c) Steel Guru
Nine Chinese companies will control 75% of steel production — Steel...
Consolidation will be the key driver in the Chinese steel industry
«Интерпайп» в первом полугодии увеличил выпуск ж/д продукции на 4,1% (c) GMK Center
Interpipe increased production in the railway segment by 4.1% in H1
Conversely, production of steel and pipes declined
Horst Wiesinger: “Quality! That is my advice for Ukrainian steelmak...
Horst Wiesinger Consulting president talked about future of European and Ukrainian steel industry
«Метинвест» вошел в топ-50 крупнейших производителей стали в мире (c)
Metinvest was placed in the list of 50 top steel-producing companies
The Group was ranked 42nd by the World Steel Association
«Интерпайп» в январе-апреле нарастил выпуск ж/д продукции на 16,7%
Interpipe increased production of railway products by 16.7% in Janu...
Steel production fell by 12.5%, while production of pipes was down by more than a third
Interpipe increased production in the railway segment by 21% in Q1
Steel production fell by 2.3%, while production of pipes was down by a third
Украинские производители стали могут снизить выпуск на 25% в апреле-мае (c)
Ukrainian steel producers may cut steel production by 25% in April–May
According to the GMK Center Chief Analyst, the sector will be able to recover to the pre-crisis state in 2021
«Метинвест» в 2019 году нарастил производство стали на 3% (c)
In 2019, Metinvest increased steel production by 3%
The Group produced 7.6 million tons of metal in 2019
Ukraine retained its position in the world’s ranking of the steel p...
Despite the drop in production, Ukraine retained its 13th position
ДМК в 2019 году нарастил выпуск проката на 3,5%
Dniprovskyi Works increased production of rolled products by 3.5%
Production of steel and pig iron dropped over the year