steel production

China increased steel production by 5.1% in April
At the same time, Chinese steelmakers reduced steel production by 10.3% in January-April
German steel plants cut the production
High energy prices and tenses in the natural gas market are forcing steelmakers to reduce production
China’s steel inventories reached a 13-month high
Steel production in the country continues to grow, while demand has declined due to the coronavirus outbreak
Why sanctions against Russian steel export didn’t work
Voluntary exclusion of Russian products from the supply chain of companies can be more significant than country-level sanctions
Global steel output down 5.8% in March
In the CIS region and Ukraine, production in the month decreased by 19.2%
Italy cut steel production by 5% in Q1 2022
Steel production in Italy down 8.1% in March
Global steel demand in 2022 to rise by 0.4%, World Steel forecasts
Growth rate will picks ups to 2.2% in 2023, to 1.881 billion tons
Ukraine in Q1 reduced crude steel production by 31%
Pig iron production fell by 34.1% in three months, and steel rolled products - by 34.2%
Ukrainian producers reduced steel production by 18% in February
Production of pig iron fell by 20.3%, production of rolled products by 20.2%
Interpipe Steel ramped up steel production by 70% in January
The Company produced 93 thousand tons of steel over the month
Ukrainian producers increased steel production by 1% in January
Production of rolled products also grew, whereas production of pig iron fell
Metinvest increased steel production by 15% in 2021
Over the year, the Group ramped up production of pig iron and iron ore concentrate