scrap export
Scrap consumption in Ukraine decreased by 18.7% m/m in April

Export of raw materials increased by 25% m/m and is 19.1% of the total collection for the month
Israel plans to limit scrap exports

Turkey, which is the main consumer of raw materials from Israel, will be under the greatest pressure from the introduction of restrictions
ASI submitted a proposal to the Parliament to ban the export of unprocessed scrap

The Australian Institute of Steel indicates that this raw material is a scarce resource
Germany reduced scrap exports by 3% y/y in 2023

The import of this raw material to the country decreased by 25% y/y in 2023
Kyrgyzstan again extended the ban on scrap exports outside the EAEU

The ban on the export of raw materials will last another six months
UAE introduces an export duty on scrap

The country has lifted the ban on the export of this raw material, which has been consistently extended since 2020
BES reveals a scheme of duty evasion in scrap exports

In particular, three enterprises were identified that evaded payment of UAH 65 million in customs duty
Kazakhstan intends to extend the ban on scrap exports

Currently, the country is discussing the project of the relevant order
Italy has changed the conditions for scrap export

The export of this raw material is subject to the requirement to submit a corresponding declaration
The export of scrap from Ukraine may amount to 150,000 tons – forecast

The collection of raw materials for the same period is estimated to be 1 million tons
South Africa extended the ban on scrap exports for half a year

Stainless steel scrap is exempt from the ban

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