scrap export

Collection of scrap in Ukraine doubled m/m in April

Domestic deliveries of raw materials to steel mills fell by 2.7% m/m in April 2023
EU steelmakers are concerned about the future availability of scrap

Demand for raw materials from European steel producers is increasing
Kazakhstan has extended the ban on the export of scrap metal for another 6 months

The ban applies to all types of ferrous scrap, but does not include alloyed or corrosion-resistant scrap
Scrap collection in Ukraine decreased by 23.2% m/m in March

Domestic supplies of raw materials to steel plants for March 2023 increased by 23.6% m/m
Scrap collection in Ukraine in February 2023 increased by 52% m/m

Domestic supplies of scrap to steel plants for February 2023 increased by 43.3% m/m
Scrap collection in Ukraine for January 2023 fell to 60.5 thousand tons

Domestic supplies of scrap metal to steel plants in January 2023 amounted to 49.4 thousand tons
UAVtormet expects an increase in the export of scrap from Ukraine in the 1st quarter of 2023

The amount of scrap in January-March 2023 is estimated at the level of 300-320 thousand tons
EUROFER calls on the European Union to include scrap in the list of critical raw materials

A high rate of raw material exports risks jeopardizing both Europe's strategic autonomy and its climate goals
The European Parliament approved the proposal on new rules for scrap export from the EU

EUROFER believes that stricter monitoring of exports to third countries is necessary

Ціни на брухт
Turkiye increased scrap imports by 5.1% m/m in October 2022

In January-October 2022, the import of scrap metal decreased by 10.4% year-on-year
Italy’s scrap collectors fear financial losses due to the export ban

The ban on the export of scrap from the EU will lead to the loss of jobs and an increase in the stocks of scrap for European companies

43 countries globally have restricted the export of ferrous scrap

Restrictions will apply in 71 countries, or every third country in the world, after the adoption of appropriate measures in the EU and Mexico

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