Central Mining completed the planned replacement of the mill at the iron ore processing plant

The plant continues to update equipment to control product quality and ensure smooth operation
Metinvest has already handed over 100 mobile shelters to the defenders of Ukraine

The production of one protective capsule requires almost 2 tons of steel
KMRP produced four collectors for the Central Mining in January 2023

This equipment is used in the concentrate production process and is one of the main components of the hydrocyclone battery
Metinvest has already purchased more than 1,100 drones for the defenders of Ukraine

100 DJI Mavic 3 drones will be delivered to the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
Metinvest developed a prototype of a multifunctional mobile shelter

This prototype security module can also be used to shelter civilians
Almost 70 communities receive help from the Saving Lives project

From the beginning of the war to this time, support has reached 400,000 Ukrainians
Kametstal increased the efficiency of the 400/200 mill

Specialists of the plant repaired the BGV unit, which is responsible for the speed of the wire and reinforcement line's operation
Metinvest handed over drones and thermal imagers worth UAH 12 million to the border guards

The company also provided 100 tons of metal structures for the restoration of posts

Pokrovske Mine Administration will open a new longwall in March 2023

At present, the longwall conveyor has been installed, and the delivery of sections to the mine workings has begun
Metinvest produced 5,000 field stoves for the Armed Forces and front-line cities

The company produces heating equipment on its own assets and in cooperation with partners

Metinvest handed over drones and generators to scouts worth UAH 10 million

In addition, another shipment to the MID specialists included powerful batteries, winter uniforms and thermal clothing, and tactical footwear
Metinvest handed over a generator for powering the boiler house to the Pokrovsk community

This is already the sixth generator with which the company provided the critical infrastructure of the city of Pokrovsk, Donetsk region

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