«Метинвест» за 9 мес. сократил выручку на 10% (c)
In Q3 Metinvest demonstrates the best results in two years
In July–September, EBITDA margin in Metinvest’s metallurgical segment made 12.5%
«Метинвест» в августе сократил выручку на 8% (c)
Metinvest cut its revenues by 8% in August
Revenues in the steel segment amounted to $671 million
Metinvest saves $50 million a year due to digitalization projects
The Company is actively experimenting with digital technologies allowing better operational efficiency
«Метинвест» инвестирует $433 млн в экологические проекты до 2025 г (c)
Metinvest to invest $433 million in environmental projects by 2025
The Group’s plants have reduced total emissions by 33% since 2012
«Метинвест» в июле увеличил выручку на 7,4% (c)
Metinvest increased revenue by 7.4% in July
Revenue of the steel segment amounted to $700 million
«Метинвест» в первом полугодии сократил выручку на 15% (c)
Metinvest cut revenue by 15% in H1
The Group’s EBITDA shrank by 20% in January–June
«Метинвест» во втором квартале сократил выпуск металлопродукции на 1%
Metinvest cut production of metal products by 1% in Q2
Production of semi-finished products grew by 38%
«Метинвест» в первом полугодии нарастил производство стали на 1% (c)
Metinvest ramped up steel production by 1% in H1
Pig iron production in the same period also increased by 1%
«Метинвест» поставил 18,5 тыс. т стали для моста в Генуе (c)
Metinvest supplied 18.5 thousand tons of steel for a bridge in Genoa
24 thousand tons of steel products were used in the bridge construction in total
«Метинвест» намерен привлечь €62 млн для реализации инвестпрограммы (c)
Metinvest to raise €62 million to carry out an investment program
The Group is now at the final stage of negotiations with the Black Sea Trade and Development Bank