«Метинвест» во втором квартале сократил выпуск металлопродукции на 1%
Metinvest cut production of metal products by 1% in Q2
Production of semi-finished products grew by 38%
«Метинвест» в первом полугодии нарастил производство стали на 1% (c)
Metinvest ramped up steel production by 1% in H1
Pig iron production in the same period also increased by 1%
«Метинвест» поставил 18,5 тыс. т стали для моста в Генуе (c)
Metinvest supplied 18.5 thousand tons of steel for a bridge in Genoa
24 thousand tons of steel products were used in the bridge construction in total
«Метинвест» намерен привлечь €62 млн для реализации инвестпрограммы (c)
Metinvest to raise €62 million to carry out an investment program
The Group is now at the final stage of negotiations with the Black Sea Trade and Development Bank
Sustainalytics присвоило «Метинвесту» рейтинг ESG (с)
Sustainalytics assigns ESG rating to Metinvest
The Group has been included in Top 10 steelmakers
«Метинвест» вошел в топ-50 крупнейших производителей стали в мире (c)
Metinvest was placed in the list of 50 top steel-producing companies
The Group was ranked 42nd by the World Steel Association
«Метинвест» в первом квартеле сократил выручку на 11% (c)
Metinvest cut revenue by 11% in Q1
Revenue of the steel segment dropped by 14% to $2 billion
«Метинвест» за пять лет вложил 22,5 млрд грн в экологию в Кривом Роге (с)
Metinvest has invested ₴22.5 billion in the environment in Kryvyi Rih
The Group use water stemming in mining operations and conveyor transport to cut exhaust gas emissions
"Метинвест" в феврале нарастил выручку на 4,8% (c)
Metinvest increased revenue by 4.8% in February
EBITDA in February increased by 76.7% against the previous month
«Метинвест» полностью возобновил работу итальянских заводов (c)
Metinvest fully resumed operations at Italian facilities
Ferriera Valsider and Metinvest Trametal operate as normal