Kametstal has started an overhaul of the ball rolling mill furnace №1
The unit produces grinding balls with a diameter of 80 mm for the Northern Mining, Ingulets Mining and Central Mining
Суд начал ликвидацию ПАО «Днепровский металлургический комбинат» (с) ДМК
Kametstal has started a long repair of the blast furnace №12
The company's management says the plant is 100% loaded with orders
Kametstal hired 200 Metinvest workers from shelled Mariupol and Avd...
And more than 90 specialists are now doing registration procedures
Kametstal has about 80% of workload, says Metinvest
Group’s Mining, and Processing Plants in Kryvyi Rih work with 35-40% of production capacity utilization
Kametstal set up production of new rolled steel type in March
The plant launched the production of grinding balls 80 mm across for the Northern GOK, the Central GOK, the Ingulets GOK
“Kametstal” to provide cars to increase the defense of the city
Kamensk Police and the Territorial Defense received 5 powerful UAZ vehicles along with trucks and a minibus