Kametstal completed the overhaul of turbogenerator №4

The unit will be used to produce its own electricity

Kametstal set up the production of a mine rack on a pipe-making mill

In November, the plant already rolled 1,000 tons of new products for Ukrainian customers

Kametstal completed the overhaul of converter №1

At the final stage, one of the key units of the unit was replaced

Kametstal received three diesel locomotives after remotorization from the beginning of 2023

Two more locomotives were put into operation after major repairs at locomotive repair enterprises of Ukraine

Kametstal is working to optimize production processes

In September, the mill's rollers demonstrated effective team efforts and increased efficiency in their work

Kametstal performs current repairs of converter №2

In the course of the works, it is planned to replace the lining, as well as to revise or replace important components of the unit

Kametstal stopped blast furnace №1М for overhaul

Air heater №6 is also planned to be restored during the second stage overhaul

Kametstal set up the production of rebar with a diameter of 36 mm

The first 770 tons of rolled rebar are ready for shipment to domestic customers

Kametstal started the reconstruction of the extinguishing tower in the coke plant

The enterprise plans to restore the technical characteristics of the building to the design values

Kametstal implements projects aimed at reducing fuel consumption in pig iron production

Since the beginning of the year, the actual consumption of conventional fuel has been reduced by more than 15 kg per ton of pig iron

Kametstal restores the water pipe for cooling the blast furnaces

The main works are carried out in the area that provides technological cooling of blast furnace №1M with water

Kametstal improves sinter ore quality to stabilize blast furnaces operation

For 2022, the share of the fraction smaller than 5 mm in the product was reduced from 12.2% to 10.2%, and as of June – to 9%

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