Kametstal received 400 portable gas analyzers in September 2022

Since the beginning of the year, the company has purchased 700 such devices for its employees

Kametstal produced 3.3 thousand axles for railcars and locomotives

This is the second batch produced at the plant since the beginning of the war by order of domestic consumers

Kametstal set up the production of 4 round steel types in September

460 tons of products produced at the 400/200 rolling mill are already awaiting shipment to the Ukrainian consumer

Kametstal repairs primary gas refrigerator №5

The unit performs the function of a coke gas cooler in the workshop for capturing chemical products of coking

Kametstal installed 5 diesel generators in bomb shelters

The plant creates comfortable conditions for workers staying in bomb shelters

Kametstal cast the cone and the the backfilling bowl ring of the BF’s device

Such large-sized parts were produced by the plant's specialists for the first time and they had a satisfactory result

Kametstal has started overhaul of converter №2

Currently, the dismantling of the old equipment, which service life has expired, is in progress

Kametstal has started major repairs of the cooling tower’s fifth section

The work is carried out in the shop for capturing the chemical products of coking

Kametstal shipped the first liquid argon batch to a third-party consumer

The plant reduced gas consumption in production, which made it possible to accumulate and ship it to the country's market

Kametstal saved UAH 2.3 million by changing the algorithm of the rolling mill

Specialists of the workshop improved the production process of wire rod to reduce the production cost

Kametstal has provided shelter to 1,500 IDPs since the beginning of the war

Currently, 876 workers of Ilyich Iron and Steel Works, Azovstal and Avdiyivka Coke Plant live at the social facilities of the Kametstal

Kametstal plans to put a new foundry crane into operation in October

In the converter workshop, the installation of the new unit has almost been completed, and commissioning and adjustment work has begun