Kametstal will use a mobile crane from AKHZ during major repairs

The weight of the unit delivered from Avdiivka is 30 tons, the carrying capacity is up to 110 tons

Kametstal resumed production of coke after forced downtime

At the beginning of 2023, coke batteries №1 and №5 resumed operation

Kametstal carried out 80 overhauls in production units in 2022

Also, during the year, the enterprise carried out 638 planned and preventive repairs

Kametstal has set up a new type of production in order to save energy resources

The first 138 tons of 25-diameter grinding balls were shipped to the Central Mining

Kametstal resumed production at one blast furnace

The enterprise completed diagnostics and equipment repair after the attack on the country's energy structure

Kametstal repairs equipment after an emergency power outage

Specialists of the plant are restoring the nozzle refrigerators damaged by the blackout on November 23, 2022

Kametstal helped to restore the generator for the Kamianske hospital

The installation has a power of 200 KW and a weight of more than 3.5 tons

Kametstal restores machines for continuous billets casting

The enterprise also repairs the equipment of the main sections of the converter workshop

Kametstal suspended production due to interruptions in energy supply

The company is currently assessing possible damage to production facilities from the emergency shutdown on November 21, 2022

Kametstal is overhauling the equipment of sintering machine №12

Overhaul is aimed at increasing the reliability of the equipment

Kametstal was the first to produce the drum wheels of the mixer crane

Specialists of the repair and mechanical workshop independently produced parts for the overhaul of the crane in the converter workshop of the plant

Kametstal is renewing the hydraulic equipment of blast furnace № 1M

The operation of the new hydraulics was checked during cold and hot tests

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