Kametstal carried out a major overhaul of the equipment of the railcar dumper

During the repair, the steel structures of the sections of the rail track were replaced with subsequent concreting

Kametstal resumed the operation of the rolling mill after a long period of downtime

The rolling stock companies began to fulfill the order for the produce of 3,200 railcar axles for railcar builders of Ukraine

Kametstal set up new bottling technology at grade CCM №1

It is used for casting billets with a cross section of 160x160 mm made of steel C72D2 and C80D2 and 200x200 mm made of steel S3355

Kametstal started the repair of the T4-5 overhead power line

The length of the T4, T5 line is almost 2 km and is one of the longest at the plant

Kametstal will accumulate coke gas for use in production

The plant has already started implementing the relevant investment project

Kametstal has completed the overhaul of the SM-6000 centrifugal compressor

The purpose of the repair is to increase the period of trouble-free operation of the unit, its performance indicator

Kametstal has completed overhaul of the compressor in the oxygen compressor shop

The repairmen restored the main equipment and replaced the worn parts

Kametstal launched a new casting crane in the converter shop

The machine will be used for pouring liquid pig iron into converters, loading scrap metal and moving cargo

Kametstal purchased generators to provide the cooling system for the blast furnace

This will ensure a stable process of blast furnace melting and cooling of hot blast lances in blast furnaces

Kametstal performs the third stage of coke battery transfer №5

Specialists have already restored 12 walls, 4 more will be repaired

Kametstal performs current repairs of converter №1

Revision and replacement of a number of mechanical units, and restoration of the lining will be carried out

Metinvest handed over a modern fire engine to the rescuers of Kamianske

The car is equipped with the necessary rescue equipment

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