Kametstal has significantly reduced the cost of repairing sintering trolleys for sintering machines

Metinvest Promservice specialists set up a high-quality and efficient technology for restoring critical equipment

Kametstal overhauls blast furnace No. 9

The works are planned to be completed in two weeks

Kametstal set up the production of large diameter balls with an additional line

The plant uses additional capacities to produce the most popular and effective products

Kametstal paid over UAH 2 billion in taxes in 2023

Almost UAH 605 million was received by the Kamianske budget, more than UAH 1.549 billion was paid to the regional and state budgets

Kametstal shipped about 2 million tons of products to consumers in 2023

Almost 35% of the total volume was shipped to Ukrainian customers, more than 65% to foreign customers

Kametstal shipped 19,000 tons of coal tar in 2023

In January, the company installed a new warehouse for products, which will improve its quality and increase the volume of shipments

Kametstal carried out a major overhaul of the car dumper in the coal preparation shop

The key task was to carry out a major overhaul of the car dumper in a short period of time

Kametstal performs overhaul of the 400/200 mill

The main repair efforts are focused on equipping the heating furnace and rolling cages

Kametstal completed the overhaul of turbogenerator №4

The unit will be used to produce its own electricity

Kametstal set up the production of a mine rack on a pipe-making mill

In November, the plant already rolled 1,000 tons of new products for Ukrainian customers

Kametstal completed the overhaul of converter №1

At the final stage, one of the key units of the unit was replaced

Kametstal received three diesel locomotives after remotorization from the beginning of 2023

Two more locomotives were put into operation after major repairs at locomotive repair enterprises of Ukraine

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