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Specialists of Zaporozhizhvognetryv service center have restored the production life and design characteristics of the unit

Kametstal Iron and Steel Works has completed the repair of blast furnace No. 9 of the third category ahead of schedule. This is stated in a press release from Zaporozhizhvognetryv on its Facebook page.

The contractor for the work in the blast furnace shop was the specialists of Zaporozhizhvognetryv’s service center and Metinvest Promservice.

During the repair, the specialists replaced the furnace refractory materials, including fences, covers, arc refractory materials, etc. In the process of restoring the unit, they also replaced the furnace charging device, installed new heat exchangers for the cooling system, and replaced the cooling plates. More than 100 cubic meters of refractory products were used in the process.

«As a result, the production resource and design characteristics of the unit have been restored, and the efficiency of production and environmental equipment has been increased,» the company said.

Kametstal announced the overhaul of blast furnace No. 9 in early March this year.  The list of works also included the replacement of machines for opening and closing cast iron tuyere, restoration of communications for stable operation of control and measurement equipment, thermoprobes for recording the gas flow of the furnace and other units.

As GMK Center reported earlier, in 2023, Kametstal shipped more than 1.996 million tons of steel to customers. Almost 35% of the total volume was shipped to Ukrainian customers, and more than 65% to external customers.