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Almost 35% of the total volume was shipped to Ukrainian customers, more than 65% to foreign customers

Kametstal Iron and Steel Works shipped over 1.996 million tons of steel to consumers in 2023 despite the difficulties of operating under martial law, energy and logistics constraints. This is stated in the company’s press release.

«Almost 5% of the total volume was shipped to Ukrainian customers, and more than 65% to external customers from 21 countries,» the statement said.

The company shipped 14 types of products to domestic and foreign customers. Continuous cast billets accounted for 62% of sales, followed by wire rod and rebar. Other products include hot-rolled squares, rounds and structural shapes from the pipe billeting shop, angles, channels, 400/200 mill wheels, grinding balls, railway axles and cast iron.

Kametstal’s Ukrainian customers include 79 enterprises. Reinforcing bars and wire rod are in the highest demand among consumers, accounting for 41.5% and 25.6% of total shipments to the domestic market. Grinding balls, continuously cast billets, hot-rolled squares, TCDs, angles and channels were also in demand among domestic customers.

Last year, Kametstal primarily shipped continuous billets to 71 foreign customers, accounting for almost 89% of total export shipments. Wire rod, hot-rolled squares, grinding balls, rebar, and channels were also sold abroad.

«Last year, Kametstal, like other enterprises of the company, continued to operate under martial law and fulfilled the tasks of shipping commercial products despite logistical constraints. The partial resumption of shipments to the Black Sea ports has slightly expanded our logistics capabilities compared to the first year of full-scale military operations, and we shipped over 704 thousand tons of products,» the company said.

As GMK Center previously reported, in 2023, Kametstal started production of 100 mm grinding balls, SVP-27 hot-rolled sections, 36 mm rebar, and 7.5 mm wire rod from SAE 1008 steel grade. These achievements allowed the company to strengthen its market position and achieve effective goals in a difficult time.