Kametstal produced 1.56 million tons of steel in 2022

Pig iron production at the plant for the year amounted to 1.48 million tons
Metinvest produced 2.92 million tons of steel in 2022

Production of iron ore concentrate was 10.81 million tons, and coal production – 4.96 million tons
Metinvest’s Zaporizhzhia plants paid UAH 3.4 billion in taxes for 2022

Zaporizhstal, Zaporizhvognetryv, Zaporizhkoks and ZCMP continue to work and pay taxes
Kryvyi Rih enterprises of Metinvest paid UAH 9.2 billion in taxes in 2022

Income tax for the year amounted to UAH 2.67 billion
Kametstal paid UAH 1.6 billion in taxes in 2022

Over UAH 528 million was received by the Kamianske budget, and over UAH 1.07 billion was paid to regional and state budgets
Metinvest may be interested in the privatization of large ports — CEO of Metinvest

In the first half of 2022, Metinvest rebuilt the logistics of raw materials
Metinvest handed over 50 drones in the maximum configuration to scouts

The defenders of the country also received winter uniforms and tactical shoes

Railway limestone deliveries in January-October 2022 decreased by 64% y/y

Transportation of mineral powder decreased by 30% y/y, and lime – by 55% y/y
Metinvest handed over 550 American standard body armors to the military

Ammunition will protect the fighters who will join the ranks of the Armed Forces in Zaporizhzhia
Zaporizhkoks increased the output of coke to an 18-month maximum in January 2023

In the month, the company increased production by 6.1% y/y – up to 72.9 thousand tons

Metinvest paid UAH 20.5 billion in taxes in 2022

In 2022, income tax amounted to UAH 6.6 billion
Zaporizhstal provided more than 100 tons of steel for strengthening hospitals

The teams have been working in the city's medical facilities for the past three months

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