Turkey, China and EU increased iron & steel import from Russia in 1H 2022

The most demanded Russian products are pig iron and steel semi-finished products

Exports of long products from Ukraine decreased 67.3% y/y over 8 months 2022

Due to the blockade of Ukrainian sea ports, the EU remains the main export destination

EU decreased steel production by 6.7% y/y in July 2022

Fifteen European plants suspended or plan to suspend steel production

EU decreased steel production by 6.8% y/y in May 2022

Nine European plants fully or partially suspended steel production

European steelmakers will lose supply of iron ore from Ukraine
European steelmakers will lose supply of iron ore from Ukraine

Due to the war and unfavorable market conditions, supplies began to decline

In 2021 iron & steel sector generated one third of Ukraine’s exports

Ukrainian iron & steel companies also invested $2.0 bln in 2021

The EU and the US are the most active participants in protectionism

Ukraine lost more than 1 mln tons of annual steel export because of trade restrictions in EU and USA

Protectionism caused losses for Ukrainian steel industry

Trade barriers against steel products cost 2% of Ukrainian GDP

Ukraine’s mining & metals companies are about to complete modernization of primary conversion facilities

Average annual capital investment in the mining & metals sector has reached $2 billion in 2010–2020

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