В марте объем жилого строительства обрушился на 25% (c)
Residential construction output plummeted by 25% in March
In Q1, construction fell by 5.5%, with only the non-residential segment growing
Объем строительства в январе-феврале упал на 0,6% (c)
Ukraine’s construction output in January–February dropped by 0.6%
The strongest decline was recorded in the engineering construction, by 8.7% to ₴6.7 billion
Украина запустила инфраструктурный проект «Большая стройка» (c)
Ukraine to launch the Big Construction infrastructure project
Its key element is the construction and repair of roads. Investment estimated at ₴75 billion is expected to be attracted
Construction growth in Ukraine slowed down to 3.6% in January
This is the lowest result in the construction products industry in the past 18 months
Объем строительства в Украине в 2019 году вырос на 20% (c)
Ukraine’s construction output increased by 20% in 2019
The cost of construction of facilities of steelmaking companies grew by 45.7% to ₴4.35 billion
Residential construction in Ukraine dropped by 7.5% in November
Over the first eleven months of 2019, the growth rate in residential construction did not exceed 2%
Long products, low quotations: a review of the rebar market
Rebar prices stopped falling, though with no long-term prospects for demand improvement
Ukraine’s housing construction grew by 2% in 10 months
Sales in real estate are going down and so is the pace of rebar consumption in construction
Construction metal prices dropped by 10.5% over 10 months
The expectation of a drop in metal prices by market participants impedes the sales process
Business Expectations Index drops to 52.3
The largest drop was recorded in the industry and construction due to low expectations for order volumes
The construction output in Ukraine increased by 20.5% over 9 months
The pace of construction, especially of commercial facilities, rocketed in Ukraine compared to 2018–2017
Domestic steel: Ukrainian steel consumption in H1 2019
The domestic steel market shrank in the first half of the current year: hoping to recover in 2020