Объем строительных работ в мае сократился на 2% (c)
Construction output in May fell by 2%
The share of new construction in the total construction output amounted to 43.1%
Объем строительных работ в апреле сократился на 16,1% ©
Construction output in April fell by 16.1%
The share of new construction in the total construction output amounted to 45.3%
One third of steel construction market participants lost over 50% o...
Over 85% of companies of the industry need real support
В марте объем жилого строительства обрушился на 25% (c)
Residential construction output plummeted by 25% in March
In Q1, construction fell by 5.5%, with only the non-residential segment growing
Объем строительства в январе-феврале упал на 0,6% (c)
Ukraine’s construction output in January–February dropped by 0.6%
The strongest decline was recorded in the engineering construction, by 8.7% to ₴6.7 billion
Украина запустила инфраструктурный проект «Большая стройка» (c)
Ukraine to launch the Big Construction infrastructure project
Its key element is the construction and repair of roads. Investment estimated at ₴75 billion is expected to be attracted
Construction growth in Ukraine slowed down to 3.6% in January
This is the lowest result in the construction products industry in the past 18 months
Объем строительства в Украине в 2019 году вырос на 20% (c)
Ukraine’s construction output increased by 20% in 2019
The cost of construction of facilities of steelmaking companies grew by 45.7% to ₴4.35 billion
Residential construction in Ukraine dropped by 7.5% in November
Over the first eleven months of 2019, the growth rate in residential construction did not exceed 2%
Long products, low quotations: a review of the rebar market
Rebar prices stopped falling, though with no long-term prospects for demand improvement
Ukraine’s housing construction grew by 2% in 10 months
Sales in real estate are going down and so is the pace of rebar consumption in construction
Construction metal prices dropped by 10.5% over 10 months
The expectation of a drop in metal prices by market participants impedes the sales process