European Parliament has supported the implementation of CBAM and ETS
Parliament is ready to start negotiations with the EU government on the final text of the laws
Protectionism turns “green”: here is how
CBAM was just the beginning of a new trend
European Parliament has directed CBAM and ETS bills for revision
340 PMs voted against the amendments to the bills, 265 voted in favor and 34 abstained
EUROFER calls on the European Parliament to review ETS and CBAM
According to EUROFER, EU Emissions Trading and Cross-border Carbon Tax Proposals derail green transition
G7 pledge to decarbonize energy sectors by 2035
The G7 also agreed to end the financing of most overseas fossil fuel projects by the end of this year, and to end subsidies for heavily polluting fuels by 2025
The war in Ukraine will not stop global decarbonisation: scrap issue
Scrap is still the most important material for reducing emissions in steel industry
Global scrap consumption rose by 12% in 2021
Last year scrap usage as a raw material for steel production increased to 32%
Ukraine’s steel industry place in “green” supply chains
Ukraine has every chance to become a supplier of DRI products and carbon-free steel to the world market
Metinvest and SMS group to make a steel decarbonization research
The parties signed a memorandum of understanding
EU is ready to support Ukraine in drafting environmental policies
Fees collected from companies that emit the most greenhouse gases should be invested in the economy