Salzgitter has entered into an agreement to build a direct reduction unit

The contractors were Tenova, Danieli and DSD Steel Group
ASEAN countries will grapple with the prospect of steel oversupply

Expansion investments are more focused on blast furnace production
The G7 supported the improvement of market-based schemes for carbon emissions

Incentives must be combined with appropriate industrial policy and public-private investment
Decarbonization of steel production in South Africa will require significant funds

Steelmakers could be seriously affected by the introduction of the European CBAM
A reduction in state support may disrupt the green project of ThyssenKrupp – trade unions

The company needs help in financing the construction of a DRI production plant in Duisburg
Nucor and NuScale Power will work together on a green transition

Тhe companies will explore the possibility of using SMR power plants at Nucor enterprises
The green agreement between the US and the EU should affect Chinese steel production

The negotiations are aimed at establishing barriers for products produced with high carbon emissions
Turkiye needs an emissions trading system aligned with the EU ETS

The country's steel industry has an advantage due to the extensive use of EAF
Ukrainian business will offer the market concept for local emissions trading system

The analyst company GMK Center will be the executor of the study
Arvedi launched the production of carbon-free steel

The company has already concluded an agreement for the supply of environmentally friendly steel to the Mercedes-Benz automobile company
Ukraine is creating the State Fund for decarbonization and energy-efficient transformation

The corresponding law was signed by President Volodymyr Zelenskyi

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