The Ministry of Economy says the NDC-2 adopted by the Cabinet of Mi...
The document balances the country’s climate ambitions with the conditions on which it agrees to achieve carbon neutrality
The Cabinet approves a 35% target for cutting CO2 emissions by 2030
The Government plans to cut greenhouse gas emissions through decarbonization and development of RES
Ukraine should encourage the development of the processing industry
The higher the degree of domestic conversion of raw materials, the faster the economy will grow
Ferrexpo to put into operation a pilot 5 MW solar power plant in July
Transition to renewables is one of the company’s decarbonization priorities
Dnipro Metallurgical Plant reduced its CO2 emissions by 80% over fi...
In total, from 2016 to 2020 the company curbed the amount of pollutants emitted into the atmosphere by 70%
Metinvest believes that EAF and hydrogen-based technologies are the...
The company is already taking particular steps towards greener technologies
The European Union has designated 7 institutions to fund decarboniz...
Europe is ready to allocate more than €790 billion in 10 years for achieving climate goals
Decarbonization of Ukraine’s steel industry requires $25 billion of...
There are no ready-made solutions in the global market, they will start emerging since 2025
Ukraine needs to develop its own decarbonization formula — opinion
In the steel industry, the first wave of advanced technologies on an industrial scale could be expected in 2035 at the earliest
Around 350 decarbonization projects are at early implementation sta...
North-West Europe is leading the decarbonization move with almost equal focus on hydrogen and carbon capture technologies
PEM technology enabled ArcelorMittal to reduce CO2 emissions by 25%
The PEM-BOF route using melted scrap allows to reduce energy consumption and curb emissions
Metinvest, Primetals and K1-MET to join efforts towards decarboniza...
Two memorandums of cooperation to cut emissions were singed during the decarbonization forum