green steel
Germany has developed a concept of the green industry market

One of the tools to increase demand for green materials is public procurement
Tata Steel agrees to build power grid for future EAF in Port Talbot

The British National Grid will build a new energy infrastructure that will provide power to the electric arc furnace
H2 Green Steel is considering four new major projects

Potential locations are located in Canada, USA, Brazil and Portugal
Turkey should join the green transformation – Fuat Tosyali

Currently, the steel sector of the country is implementing investments and green transition with the involvement of its own resources
LESS green steel standard presented in Germany

LESS is a voluntary labeling program open to all steel producers
Thyssenkrupp Steel to supply eco-friendly steel to tk Materials

Tk Materials operates independently of the steel division and has the right to choose its own suppliers

steel 360
Dexin Steel is exploring the construction of a DRI plant in the Middle East

The company will also consider the possibility of building a steel plant in the region
Decarbonization of steel industry requires regulation and price incentives – analyst

These factors will promote green investments and increase consumption of environmentally friendly steel
Green construction in China will boost domestic demand for green steel

The country sets new targets for carbon emissions reduction and energy saving in the construction industry
US has allocated $6 billion to support projects to reduce industrial emissions

$1 billion is earmarked for the production of environmentally friendly steel in two states
Egypt considers Danieli’s plan to create a green steel complex

The cost of the proposed project is $4 billion
Salzgitter signs agreement with Octopus to supply green electricity

The agreement is concluded for 10 years with the support of Pexapark consultants

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