green steel

H2 Green Steel raises €3.5 billion for project in Sweden

The company plans to build a steel plant that will use green hydrogen

Salzgitter and Sunfire completed green hydrogen project

Almost 100 tons of hydrogen gas have been used in annealing processes and galvanizing plants

ThyssenKrupp will supply green steel for Miele

The iron direct reduction plant to be launched in 2026

ThyssenKrupp invests €2 billion in the production of green steel in Germany

The company plans to build a direct reducing iron unit at the Duisburg plant

Primetals Technologies activates transition to green steel

Dr. Alexander Fleischanderl appointed the head of new Green Steel organization

Ukraine’s steel industry place in “green” supply chains

Ukraine has every chance to become a supplier of DRI products and carbon-free steel to the world market

The Ministry of Strategic Industries launches certification of green EAF mills

This certificate is a basis for the regulator to set a transmission tariff to which only “green” steelmaking companies are entitled

The Cabinet of Ministers embarks upon green economic transformations

The Ministry of Energy is currently working on three documents, being parts of the green energy transition strategy