steel export
India increased rolled products export by 35% y/y in July

Compared to June 2023, exports increased by 3%
The deficit of foreign steel trade in the EU increased at the beginning of the year

In the first quarter, it amounted to 1.1 million tons per month, compared with 864 thousand tons in the previous quarter
European Union reduced steel exports by 8% y/y in January-May

Shipments of long rolled products decreased by 4% y/y, and flat – by 10% y/y
China increased steel export by 31.3% y/y in January-June

In June, Chinese steel companies shipped 10.1% less steel abroad than in May
Steel exports from China may grow by 10% in 2023

In January-May 2023, the country increased steel exports by 41% y/y
India’s steel exports fell to a six-month low in June

In one month, Indian steelmakers shipped 502,000 tons of steel for export
Steel exports from China will rise to a 7-year high in 2023 – forecast

Chinese exports are supported by weak domestic demand and low steel prices
India’s steel exports in June will show further decline – forecast

In January-May, according to preliminary data, the country reduced steel exports by 33% y/y
A new round of EU sanctions may affect Turkish steelmakers

Most of the Turkish HRC producers rely on slabs of Russian origin
CBAM will affect 15-40% of Indian steel exports to Europe

India exports 3-5 million tons of rolled steel to Europe every year
China will continue to increase exports of rolled steel – Baosteel

An increase in exports may occur amid a decrease in demand for steel in the domestic market
China increased the export of steel products by 40.9% y/y in January-May

In May, Chinese steel companies shipped 5.3% more steel abroad than in April

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