metal consumption
DMZ Karpaty produced 100 European-sized platforms in July-October 2022

The company also built 250 containers in 4 months

During the war, the demand for steel structures in Ukraine fell catastrophically

Survival in the market of metal structures depends on the ability to reorient to the products in demand

The consumption of steel products in the EU will decrease by 3.5% in 2022 – EUROFER

The industry association is concerned about the high level of imports to the EU

Ukrainian railcar builders sold 151 freight railcars in September 2022

69 platforms, 58 hoppers and 24 semi-railcars were handed over to customers

Demand for steel in Ukraine began to recover from May

Domestic demand for rolled steel has increased especially from producing and construction companies

Borys Rybachuk: Despite the war, farmers continue to build

Deputy CEO for development of KMZ Industries about how the company was able to retain 70% of pre-war customers during the war

The order portfolio of DMZ Karpaty is formed until March 2023

The import of rolled steel does not completely cover the production needs of the enterprise

Western sanctions had almost no effect on the work of the Russian iron and steel industry

After 6 months of war, steelmakers from the Russian Federation are experiencing difficulties with exporting products and buying spare parts for equipment

ArcelorMittal expects Brazilian steel demand to double during a decade

Brazil has huge opportunities to increase steel consumption and feels the need to create additional infrastructure

EUROFER improved its forecast for steel consumption in the EU in 2022

The overall dynamics of steel demand has a high level of uncertainty

Kryukov Carriage Works completed testing of a new railcar model for the EU market

At the beginning of 2023, the plant intends to start serial production of a flat car for 1435 mm gauge

EUROFER expects 1.9% drop of metal consumption in the EU in 2022

Reasons for the forecast update: the war in Ukraine, rising energy prices and the supply chains disruptions

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