Although many companies hope to get “green” steel premiums, but the big question is how sustainable these earnings will be in the future

Go green: opportunities and risks of energy transformation

The green energy transition will require over 2 billion tons of steel and the interaction of business with the state

Greenhouse effect: decarbonization is already changing steelmaking technologies

Metallurgists consider electrometallurgy based on DRI and the use of hydrogen to be promising for reducing CO2 emissions.

Strategic investment: Ukraine’s mining & metals industry increases investments in the environment

Companies of the mining and metallurgical complex spent UAH 18.6 billion for environmental purposes last year

Smoke of the homeland: Ukraine is ready to launch monitoring of CO2 emissions

The start of the market for trading greenhouse gas emissions will take place no earlier than 2026

Natural phenomenon: environmental projects remain a priority for GMK

Mining and metallurgical companies do not stop implementing projects to reduce pressure on the environment during the crisis