In November, 14 ships with steel products left the ports of Odessa and Pivdenny

The blockade of road crossings will cost the Ukrainian economy at least $1 billion

The total cost of protests by Polish transporters and farmers depends on the duration of the action, but threatens to be expensive

Blockade of border crossings with Poland threatens Ukraine’s entire economy

Prolonged blocking of the border will lead to increased costs of logistics and a decrease in the competitiveness of Ukrainian exports

Ukrainian Railways shows a decline in freight traffic and profits in 2023

In 2024, shippers will again see an increase in railway tariffs in the form of indexation and reform of the tariff system

Black sea export corridor has become less secure

A quick compensation of nearly $550 million from the insurance fund will partially improve the situation

Safe corridor: how Ukrainian exports through ports work now

The majority of vessels arriving at the ports of Greater Odessa are intended for the export of grain cargo

Breaking the blockade: what export cargo goes through seaports

Ukraine has opened a temporary corridor for ships to its ports, but no one gives guarantees of its stability and security

Railway gateway to the world: what is the state of freight transportation between Ukraine and Poland

The problems on the railways are gradually being solved, but there is not enough capacity and capacity for mass exports

Resilience lessons: How iron & steel industry of Ukraine cope with logistic challenges

Ukrainian pig iron returned to the US market and rolled products are sold around the world

What Ukrainian steelmakers will receive as part of the grain agreement

Given the weak demand, we should not count on a sharp increase in the export of mining&metals, but cargoes to Europe will go faster

The bottleneck: why Danube ports cannot save Ukrainian exports

In recent years, the share of Danube ports in the total Ukraine’s freight shipment was 2.5-4.2%

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