gas prices

EU leaders agree on measures to combat energy crisis

The package of specific measures presented by the European Commission has not yet been approved

Electricity prices in Italy increased by 2.3 times from the beginning of 2022

In August 2022, the average spot price for electricity in Italy was €537 per MWh, compared to €229.6 per MWh in January 2022

European steelmakers to help politicians overcome the energy crisis – EUROFER

Current gas and electricity prices threaten the viability of the industry in Europe, the association believes

EUROFER calls on the EU to take urgent action to overcome the energy crisis

Steelmakers and industrialists from other energy-intensive industries emphasize the impossibility of continuing production in Europe under current conditions

Gas prices in Europe increased against the backdrop of Russia’s refusal to launch the gas pipeline

The rise in prices was short-term, as high gas reserves in the EU allow for a quick response to panic in the market