During the pandemic, blast furnace and steel production in Krakow was closed, and from 2024 the coke battery at this enterprise will be decommissioned
LIBERTY Steel is losing ground in the global steel market

The indicators of the steel division of the company are affected by the unfavorable situation in the EU steel market

Priority on energy saving: how Ferrexpo implements its own energy efficiency program

Even during the war, Ferrexpo continues to implement comprehensive energy saving programs
ArcelorMittal is trying to influence the situation on the steel market in the EU

During January-November, the company limited production in Belgium, Germany, Poland, France and Bosnia
Ex-Ilva: steel plant in Taranto continues the fight for the future

Acciaierie d'Italia's prospects depend on ArcelorMittal's willingness to invest in the company
Metinvest produced and sent to the front more than 250 mock-ups of various weapons systems

Steel companies produce realistic dummies of military equipment
H2 Green Steel: a startup shaping the future of green steel industry

Founded just three years ago, the company is setting a model for raising funds and has already sold a significant part of its future steel

Young and technological: 15 years of Ferrexpo Yeristovo Mining

Ferrexpo Yeristovo Mining in Poltava region is a fundamentally new enterprise built during the independence of Ukraine

How global industrial giants develop production in Ukraine during the war

The authorities must create conditions so that investors are ready to invest in the economy of Ukraine

Ferrexpo continues to implement initiatives from its own «The bank of ideas»

During the existence of the project, more than 1,100 employees submitted their proposals

The demand for hot-dip galvanizing services has recently increased by 30-40%

Market operators estimate current demand at the level of 30% of pre-war volumes

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