steel structures
Metinvest presented the «Steel Dream» concept of rebuilding Ukraine

The company offered Ukrainians 13 types of steel buildings, each of which is made in several versions

The post-war reconstruction of Ukraine must be green and steel

The restoration of the Ukrainian infrastructure after the war should take place already on new bases and principles
DMZ received an order for the production of a mine skip for Sukha Balka

The process of producing the skip and the necessary steel structures for the unit will continue until the summer of 2023
SPPs in Latvia will be built on Ukrainian steel structures

In Vinnytsia, the KNESS group of companies has activated the production of steel for attaching photovoltaic modules
Prices for rolled steel in Ukraine increased by 26% in 2022 – USCC

A sharp jump in prices took place in January-May 2022, mainly due to a significant increase in the dollar exchange rate

The number of requests for steel construction decreased by 2-3 times

However, even in the current situation, plants for the production of steel structures are loaded at 50-70%
Fall and growth in the steel construction market

At the end of 2022, steel prices and the cost of logistics have significantly decreased, which should contribute to demand

Ukraine will be able to produce enough roofing materials to restore the infrastructure – UCSC

From the beginning of 2022, the price of certain items in the assortment has increased by 30%
The Cabinet of Ministers listed rolled steel, metal structures as critical import

The list includes metal-forming machines, fork lift trucks

Production of steel structures increased by 6% in 9M

Consumption of steel structures grew by 4.6% in the same period

Production of steel structures increased by 34% in Q2

Consumption of products grew by 33%

Production of steel structures in Ukraine grew by 14% in H1

Production of various types of steel structures showed a variety of trends

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