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Consumption of products grew by 33%

In Q2 2021, apparent production of steel structures in Ukraine increased by 34% to 37.8 thousand tons compared to Q2 of the previous year, according to the preliminary statistics of the Ukrainian Steel Construction Center (USCC).

USCC reports an increase in the number of companies with the output of over 5 thousand tons. The number of companies with the output below 2 thousand tons has reduced by one producer.

In April–June 2021, apparent consumption of steel structures grew by 33% to 36 thousand tons compared to Q2 of the previous year.

Exports of steel structures over this period increased by 20% to 6.5 thousand tons compared with the period from April to June 2020. Steel structures used in general construction accounted for 95% of total exports.

As reported earlier, in 2020, according to preliminary data, production of steel structures increased by 6.5% to 147 thousand tons y-o-y. Consumption increased by 10% to 149 thousand tons.