Metinvest paid UAH 4.2 billion in taxes in Q1

The amount of payments to the budget of Ukraine has almost doubled
Metinvest expects tax payments to increase to UAH 4 billion in Q1

The company emphasizes the need to address key issues of Ukrainian taxation, including tax consolidation
Kametstal paid over UAH 2 billion in taxes in 2023

Almost UAH 605 million was received by the Kamianske budget, more than UAH 1.549 billion was paid to the regional and state budgets

DMZ paid over UAH 657 million in taxes in 2023

Payments increased by 64% compared to 2022
Metinvest’s Kryvyi Rih plants paid UAH 4.6 billion in taxes in 2023

Among the largest taxpayers are the Northern, Central, Southern and Ingulets Minings
Metinvest’s Zaporizhzhia enterprises paid UAH 2.1 billion in taxes in 2023

Revenues to local budgets amount to over 818 million UAH

Interpipe paid UAH 4.4 billion in taxes in 2023

Compared to 2022, the company's tax payments increased by 56%
Metinvest paid UAH 14.6 billion in taxes in 2023

The largest tax in terms of payments is the single social contribution – UAH 3.3 billion
Ferrexpo paid over UAH 1.45 billion in taxes and fees in 9M2023

Poltava Mining remitted more than UAH 845 million in taxes, Yeristovo Mining – 570 million UAH, Bilanovo Mining – 48 million UAH
Metinvest has refused tax benefits since the beginning of the war

The company understands that these funds are now needed by communities and the country as a whole to win
Metinvest paid UAH 11 billion in taxes in January-September

In Q2, the Group transferred UAH 4.6 billion to the Ukrainian budget, which is 15% more y/y

Interpipe increased the amount of tax payments by 59% y/y in 9 months

In January-September 2023, more than UAH 3 billion was transferred to the budgets of all levels and extrabudgetary funds

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