British Steel
British Steel receives permission to build EAF in Teesside

The application for another electric arc furnace in Scantop will be considered in the near future
British Steel will consult on blast furnace closures

The company will provide communities with details of its £1.25bn decarbonisation plan
British Steel unveiled a £1.25 billion decarbonisation plan

It is proposed to replace the domain with two electric arc furnaces on two sites
British Steel is close to receiving a support package of £500 million

Jingye Group is aiming for a deal similar to the one with Tata Steel
British Steel intends to switch to EAF production

The transition to electric arc furnaces may lead to the reduction of 2,000 jobs
British Steel is closing coke batteries at its Scunthorpe plant

The closing may take place by the end of 2023, the dates have not been announced
British Steel and Tata Steel should switch to EAF for subsidies — Green Alliance

The companies' two plants account for 95% of the UK's steel sector emissions.
The UK’s government will offer a support package for British Steel and Tata Steel

Each of the companies will receive grants in the amount of about £300 million ($371 million)

The Chinese owner of British Steel does not comply with investment obligations

Jingye has only invested £156m of the promised £1.2bn into the business since March 2020

The Chinese owner of British Steel is asking for financial help from the UK government

The exact amount Jingye Group is asking is unknown – it could be several hundreds millions of pounds

British Steel has raised structural steel prices by £100/t

The increase in energy prices significantly affected the cost of production