National Bank expects a decrease in prices for steel and iron ore in 2023

According to NBU estimates, average billet prices will decrease by 6.2% y/y – to $579.6/t, for iron ore – by 6.7% y/y, to $113.3/t

NBU worsened GDP growth forecast for 2023 to 0.3%

The National Bank expects the country's real GDP to grow by 4.1% in 2024

International aid to Ukraine will exceed $31 billion in 2022– NBU

The main risks for economic development are a longer war and strikes on the energy structure

The National Bank improved the estimate of GDP decline in 2022 – up to 32%

The NBU kept the discount rate at 25% per annum

The balance of NBU currency interventions reached $1.2 billion in July

The burning of gold and foreign exchange reserves decreased by 3.5 times compared to June

The deficit of the consolidated balance of Ukraine payments amounted to $2.1 billion in June

In June 2021, the balance of payments was adjusted with a surplus of UAH 753 million

The NBU expects a 37.5% decline in Ukraine’s GDP in the second half of the year

In the first quarter of 2023, the country's economy will also shrink by 19%, and recovery will begin in the second quarter

Currency fall: the weakening of the hryvnia will help to revive exports

The NBU's decision to correct the exchange rate is due to the reluctance to burn foreign exchange reserves and increase emissions

NBU expects GDP growth in 2023-2024 subject to unblocking of ports

In the next two years, the Ukrainian economy can recover by 5-6%

NBU lowered the official hryvnia exchange rate by 25%, to 36.57 per dollar

The National Bank believes that the correction of the exchange rate will increase the inflow and sale of foreign exchange earnings by exporters

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NBU expects Ukraine’s GDP to fall by 40% in Q2

In the first quarter 2022, Ukrainian economy dropped by 15.1%

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